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Military School Adventures 2

Military School Adventures – Chapter 2

My friend, Luke, had implied that I was now part of a discreet club of guys at our academy who were into man on man sex. But, it had been days since that night, and all I got from him when I looked his way was a sly smile before he would turn away. I was really stating to get antsy; how was I supposed to be a part of this club if no one was going to show me the ropes? I was jacking off 2 to 3 times a day reliving that night and I was dieing for the next encounter. I mean I had been in this school for over 3 years and did not know that anything like this was going on.

Then one night as I lay in my bed, a tapping came at the door. I rose up and staring back at me through the door glass was Luke with a big shit eating grin on his face. As soon as he knew I was awake, he turned the knob and came in. He was wearing a pair of white jockeys sporting a solid hard on. He came over to the bed and popped the front of his underwear down and let his dick fly out and hit me in the face. “Want some?” he said with a grin. “Yea”, I replied, “but we need to go somewhere private, we don’t want the O.D. to come by making a bed check and get caught.”

At this point I should explain that O.D. stands for Officer on Duty and in a military school consists of a faculty member. Each faculty member rotates nights on a schedule to be on campus and make unscheduled rounds and checks on the barracks.

Luke got an even bigger grin on his face as he said, “Don’t worry Captain Frank is on duty tonight and he won’t bother us.” “What do you mean, he won’t bother us?” I replied. At this point, Luke realized my apprehension and released his underwear and let his dick flip back in. He then sat on my bed and began to explain. “Captain Frank, if he does come by, would really love to catch us, horny bastard that he is. He would probably stand outside the door and jack off or even better, come in share that beer can cock of his.” “You’ve seen his cock? How, when, where?” I asked in amazement. “Calm down”, Luke said as he lay back on the bed with me and rolled over on his side propping his head on his elbow. At this point I knew I was in for a juicy bit of information about this new club I had entered. He went on to explain, “I think Captain Frank saw Skip and me one night sucking each other off in bed. We thought we couldn’t be seen because we had the blanket propped up, but we heard something at the door. When we jumped up, someone walked quickly away from the door. I jumped up and looked out to see if I could see who was there and just caught the site of a figure headed out the front door. I found out later that Captain Frank was on duty that night and I was just glad he had decided not to burst into the room.” “Is that all? How do you know he wouldn’t decide to bust us just because he let you go that night?” I asked. “Wait, there’s more”, he continued. “A few days later I see Captain Frank walking towards me down the sidewalk and I salute him. He returns the salute but stops me and asks if I would be willing to come by his apartment and help with some typing.” Captain Frank was a bachelor and lived on campus in an apartment building with other bachelor faculty members. “I told him that I would”, Luke continued. “Good, come around 5 this afternoon and we’ll get started” Captain Frank told him. Luke continued, “Well I showed up promptly at 5 and Captain Frank greets me at the door in a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt. He lets me in and shows me the typewriter and the notes he wants typed up. I sat down and got to work and he asked if I wanted something to drink, and I told him yes, a coke would be great. He brought me the bottle and set it down next to me and when I reached for the bottle he leaned in and let his crotch slightly touch my hand. Well I didn’t move my hand right away and he didn’t move back either, so, I decided to stroke my little finger up and down and see what happened. He just looked down at me and grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch and told me he thought we could forgo the typing for now. Man, let me tell you, this guy has a dick. It’s not as long as yours; it’s about 5 inches but, it is the size of a beer can. I could hardly get it in my mouth.”

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Somewhere during the recounting of this tale we had both started stroking each other’s cocks through our underwear and the fronts were both soaked in precum. Suddenly Luke said, “Fuck this, I’ll introduce you to him and you can see for yourself. Right now if you don’t suck my dick I’m going to scream.” With that he leaned in and grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me. I thought the late day stubble on his face was weird but then he slipped his tongue between my lips and I thought I was going to cum right then. As we passionately kissed he pulled my underwear down as far as he could without breaking our lip lock and then hooked his toe in the band and finished the job. I did the same to him and we then slid together to grind our cocks together. It was the hottest thing I had ever felt. My nerves were on end and my cock had a continuous stream of precum pouring out of it. We were both soaked and the way our socks slipped against each other was quickly sending me over the edge.

Luke broke our kiss and flipped around to put us in the 69 position and grabbed my cock and began licking up all of our mutual nectars. I reached out and took a hold of his cock marveling about how it bent to the right so much. “How did it grow that way?” I asked myself. I then leaned in and let the head rub against my lips and coat them. I stuck out my tongue to swirl around the spongy head scooping up as much of the nectar as I could get. The taste of our juices was fantastic; I love the taste of precum, it’s so sweet, I could taste it for hours. Not that I don’t like the taste of cum, mind you; it’s just precum is a delicacy I relish. Luke had begun a steady rhythm of up and down strokes on my cock that had my toes curling. In turn I began to let him slip into my mouth. I felt the heat of his cock all in my mouth as I let my tongue press tightly to the shaft. I went down as far as I could until the head just touched the entrance of my throat. My throat involuntarily convulsed and I jerked back a little. “Watch the teeth, would ya?” Luke whispered. “Sorry”, I replied.

I went back to work on his cock intent on giving him the blowjob of his life. Luke had come off my cock and begun to mouth up and down the sides with his lips and tongue. “Damn man, you got a nice dick!” Luke whispered. I came off for one stroke; “Yours too!” I sputtered just before taking him back into my mouth. Luke had mouthed down to my nuts and had slipped one inside his mouth. He swirled his tongue in and around it sending little jolts of energy through me. “We’re going to have to shave your nuts so I can do a better job next time”, he said. I didn’t respond but, for the first time noticed that his ball sac was hairless. I had been so intent on his cock that I hadn’t even noticed. “How in the hell do you shave your nuts?” I wondered to myself and I continued to suck on his wonderful cock. I decided to return the favor and went down and began tonguing his balls. They were very tight up against him and although I tried, I couldn’t manage to get one into my mouth. So I just tongued and tried to suck on each one while I stroked his cock with my hand.

I knew Luke enjoyed this because he kept moaning around my cock making his mouth vibrate against my overexcited cock. I returned back to his cock and let it slid once again into my mouth. “Enough of the preliminaries”, I said to myself, “You need to cum and fill my mouth!” I began to really suck his cock for all I was worth, making sure that I kept as much friction against him to really get him off. Each time I went down on him, a little more of the head got into the entrance of throat and each time the gag reflex became less and less, until I was letting him knock at the back of my throat. I had seen “Deep Throat” but, “damn she was a freak or something, no one can really do that unless they’re sword swallowers or something”, I thought. About this time Luke grabbed a hold of my ass with his hand and pulled me as deep as he could. I felt my head start to enter his throat and then suddenly, pop, it went right down to the hilt. “Holy Shit!” I sputtered, “That feels fucking fantastic!” He then began to make swallowing movements with his throat and I thought I was going to die of ecstasy. My whole body stiffened; I had never in my life felt anything like this and I knew I was going to have to figure out how to do this to someone else.

I returned to his dick intent on making him cum once and for all. Luke was earnestly working my cock with his mouth and throat. All of a sudden that familiar feeling started at the back of my balls. “Fuck!” I thought, “I’m going cum first.” I needn’t have worried; just as the first of 4 strings of my cum hit his mouth, I felt his dick swell and suddenly he was sending jet after jet of cum into my mouth. We were both lost in our mutual orgasms. I didn’t swallow right away and kept sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, letting the cum coat the entire length. His cum was tangy but tasted good. I started to swallow and cleaned his shaft with my mouth until he softened and I let him plop out. Luke had cleaned me up as well and let me fall from his lips. He flipped around on the bed and pulled my mouth to his. Much to my surprise he pushed my entire load into my mouth. “Swallow it”, he said, “you taste so fucking good.” I let the huge load slide down my throat and Luke leaned in to kiss me again. “Damn!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think I can wait very long before the next time.” “Don’t worry”, Luke replied, “I know the ropes. I haven’t been caught in 3 years; I’m not about to begin now.”

About this time we heard a tapping at the door glass and we both jerked around to look. Fuck, there was Captain Frank grinning at us. He opened the door and let himself in. He had his cock in his hand and it was obvious that he had just cum while he watched us through the window. There was a long string hanging from the end. Luke was right though, his dick was as thick as a can. I didn’t know what to do; my belly was starting to do flips and my brow beaded up with sweat. “Nice show boys”, he said, “Luke, go on back to your bed before the rest of the barracks comes to see where all the noise was coming from. You boys need to be quieter in the future.” Luke jumped up and started pulling on his underwear all the while grinning at Captain Frank and me. “Told you he’d jack off watching us if he came by”, Luke said. Captain Frank walked over to my bed still holding his cock in his hand. He reached and gently grabbed my head and pulled until the string of cum was right over my mouth. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He slowly let the string curl onto my tongue as he lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened really wide and sucked the head into my mouth. I felt more cum escape from his cock as I sucked and greedily went for more. He gently pulled his cock from my lips and put it back in his uniform trousers. As he zipped up, he said, “You boys will have to come over to my apartment soon and help me, if you know what I mean.” “Sure do, Captain Frank”, Luke barked as he threw up his hand in a salute.” Captain Frank swatted him on the ass and said, “Get that cute ass back in bed now Luke.” Yes Sir”, Luke whispered as he slipped out the door.

Captain Frank then turned to me, “I thought you were Mister Dean’s list, straight laced, tight assed, and gun ho. How long has this been going on?” “Just last week”, I replied. “Son of a bitch”, he said, “you boys looked like a couple of porno stars. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that fucking hot in my entire life. You and Luke will be coming over, won’t you?” “Yes sir”, was all I could say. “Good, I’ll let you know when” as he stepped back over to the door and opened it. About half way through the door he turned around as he cocked his hat back on his head. “Son of a bitch”, he muttered as he shook his head. He then walked out and pulled the door shut behind him. I just stared at the closed door for some time before falling back on the bed and throwing my hands up to the side of head. “Son of bitch!”, I said as I grinned up at the ceiling.

Koen, 21jaar.

Koen, 21 jaar Iedere woensdag om 13.00 hadden we gymles. ik was toen 16 jaar, na de gymles waren we lekker vrij en zat de school dag er op voor ons. Het was 14.30 uur en de gymleraar, blies op zijn fluitje om de les te beeindigen, iedereen ging naar de kleedkamer, behalve Lars en ik, wij moesten van de leraar de toestellen opruimen, alvorens wij onder de douche konden springen.

Na 5 minuten samen te hebben opgeruimd, gingen we ook de kleedkamer in en we zagen dat de meeste jongens al onder de douche vandaan kwamen, ik wist niet precies waar ik moest kijken want ik werd best wel opgewonden van al die blote jongens, alleen wisten ze dat niet, ik keek naar Lars die al bezig was om zich uit te kleden. Lars was ook 16 jaar en hij was iets kleiner dan mij zo’n 1.78 mtr. Hij was al helemaal naakt en liep naar de douche cellen toe.

Ik besloot me ook maar eens uit te kleden en richting de douche te lopen. De douche ruimte was al een beetje beslagen van alle condens maar ik kon nog prima zien waar Lars zich stond te douchen, ik besloot het hokje naast hem te nemen en draaide de kraan open. Koud water stroomde over me heen en ik deed van schrik een sprong achter uit. Na dat het water wat warmer was geworden ging ik er weer onder staan. Ik hoorde dat de laatste jongens de kleedkamer hadden verlaten, en dat de gymleraar tegen ons zij dat wij de deur straks maar dicht moesten doen, want hij moest naar een leraren- vergadering.

Lars was een beetje aan het fluiten onder de douche, Toen ik mijn haar wou gaan wassen, merkte ik dat ik helemaal geen shampoo bij me had, en ik besloot het maar even aan Lars te vragen of hij nog wat bij zich had. Ja pak maar hoor, staat in de hoek zei hij. Ik kroop onder mijn douche straal vandaan en ging naar de douchecel van Lars toe. Hij stond lekker te douchen met het shampoo nog in zijn haar. Ik bukte me iets naar voren om de shampoo te pakken en daarbij raakte ik met mijn bovenlichaam per ongeluk de lul van Lars aan, Lars keek van schrik naar mijn gezicht en ik zei dat het me speet en ik alleen maar de shampoo wou pakken. Ja ja zei hij voor de grap. Ja eerlijk zei ik weer. en ik voelde dat ik rood werd en me een beetje onwenning begon te voelen door de hele situatie. Maar merkte ook dat de lul van Lars een beetje begon te groeien, ik besloot me verder niets meer van de situatie aan te trekken en weer terug te gaan naar mijn douchecel.

Toen ik eindelijk de shampoo in mijn haar had, hoorde ik opeens achter mij zeggen: ik zag wel hoe je naar die andere jongens keek!! Ik draaide me om en veegde wat shampoo uit mijn gezicht. Daar stond Lars opeens voor mijn douchecel. Ik keek hem aan met een geschrokken gezicht en kon het meteen niet laten om naar zijn geslachtsdeel te kijken. Deze was al aardig gegroeid. Ik merkte dat er bij mij ook wat aan het groeien was, mag ik er bij komen staan vroeg hij? ik wist even niet wat ik moest zeggen, en met een zacht stemmetje stemde ik er mee in. Lars en ik stonden nu samen onder de douche, eerst nog even van het warme water te genieten, langszaam kwam hij wat dichter tegen me aan staan, en opeens voelde ik zijn lijf tegen het mijne aanstaan, dit hield mijn lichaam niet lang meer vol. Mijn lul begon nu echt te groeien en was binnen een paar seconden helemaal stijf.

Zo dat is een grote, zei Lars. Ik keek hem aan met een iet wat beschamende blik, maar zag dat zijn lul ook al helemaal hard was geworden. Nu stonden we tegen elkaar aan en opeens voelde ik de hand van Lars tegen mijn bil aan en hij trok me iets naar voren, hij zoende me vol op mijn mond en ik besloot nu maar mee te doen, omdat ik het toch wel spannend vond. Al tongend stonden we nu tegen de muur van de douchecel, en ik voelde zijn stijve lul tegen mijn buik. en zijn handen op mijn kont. Opeens stopte Lars met zoenen en ging met zijn mond richting mijn borst waarvan de tepels hard waren geworden. Hij beet zachtjes in mijn tepel. Mijn paal stond nog steeds vier overeind en ik was me zachtjes aan het trekken.

Hé hé dat doe ik wel zei Lars tegen mij. Hij ging op zijn knieën zitten en begong me zachtjes aftetrekken. ik sloot mijn ogen en begon er zichtbaar van te genieten. Opeens voelde ik zijn tong tegen mijn eikel aan. Hij draaide met zijn tong langs mijn eikel en ik voelde dat het niet lang meer ging duren voor ik zou klaarkomen. Hoho rustig aan, zei Lars tegen me. Hij ging weer staan, en liet mijn lul even voor wat het was, zodat ik weer een beetje tot rust kon komen. Hij ging met zijn rug naar me toe staan en deed een stapje achteruit, hij stond nu tegen me aan en hij draaide zijn hoofd iets naar achteren. Ik zoende hem weer en ging met mijn tong naar binnen, Lars pakte mijn hand en nam deze mee naar zijn stijve paal. Hier pak deze maar even vast. Ik had nu voor het eerst een andere lul in mijn hand. Ik begon er zachtjes aan te trekken. Ik merkte aan Lars dat hij het wel fijn vond. Wil je me pijpen fluisterde Lars in mijn oor. Hij draaide zich om en ik ging op mijn knieën zitten, ik had nu zijn pik recht voor mijn gezicht. Voorzichtig boog ik deze iets en ik begon er aan te likken, nam Lars zijn ballen in mijn hand en begon er mee te spelen.

Oh ja, toe neem hem in je mond, riep Lars. Ik nam nu zijn pik in mijn mond en begon er aan te zuigen. Oh ja ik ga al komen, riep hij. en ik begon er alleen maar harder aan te zuigen. Ik voelde dat zijn lichaam begon te schokken en ik haalde zijn lul uit mijn mond en trok hem verder af. Daar kwam hij, en klodders zaad spoten in mijn gezicht. Deze spoelden er snel weer af door de douchestraal. Nu jij nog zei Lars. en hij boog iets naar voren, wil je me neuken vroeg hij. En hij boog nog iets verder naar voren, hij ging met zijn rug weer voor me staan en ik kon nu zijn gaatje zien. Toe maar, ik heb het vaker gedaan zei hij. langszaam ging ik achter hem staan en nam mijn lul in mijn hand en begeleide deze richting het gaatje van Lars. Ik duwde hem zachtjes er tegen aan en merkte dat ik vrij soepel naar binnen glee. Ja dieper, ik wil je voelen riep Lars en begon zachtjes tegen hem aan te stoten. Ja ja, dieper zie Lars weer en hij begon zichzelf weer af te trekken. Ik voelde dat het niet meer lang ging duren voor dat ik klaar kwam. Ik vroeg of ik in hem mocht klaar komen. Hij stemde daarmee snel in, en ik begon nog harder te stoten, Nu hield ik het niet meer, en ik pakte Lars hard vast en kwam keihard. Ik haalde mijn lul eruit en trok de laaste kloders uit mijn lul en spoot deze nog over zijn rug.

Ik nam de lul van Lars uit zijn hand en trok hem verder af. Ja ja ga door, en wederom kwam hij schokkend klaar. Nu stonden we naast elkaar uit te blazen, en ik merkte dat het al best wel laat was, we spoelden ons af en besloten onder de douche vandaan te gaan, in de kleedkamer kleeden we ons weer aan, we zeiden niet veel, maar we wisten van elkaar dat we dit nog wel vaker gingen doen.

De volgende dag kwam Lars bij mij op bezoek, ik was alleen thuis omdat mijn ouders aan het werk waren. We hebben wederom lekker van elkaar genoten!!!.

Staxus twinks

My first time………

Well i have heard about this parking place in the woods, where men goes to have sex………i have always been a very curious boy, so one day i was nearby the wood i decided to go.

It was a very rainy day so i first went into the toilet and checked it out, there was a lot of writings on the walls where people offered to suck cocks if you would call them, it´s a very exiting place, i like it!!!!!!
I think i was there in the toilet for about 25 minutes just reading the wall´s and looking in the cabins ,smelling and touching!!!
Nobody came.

I decided to go out side and hide in the woods , somewhere where i could see the toilet, i think after 1 hour a car drove into the parking place , it was a firm wagon , a painter, the man just stayed in the car……it was very exiting to sit there in the woods and watch him without him knowing i was there.
After a while he was getting a bit restless in the car , still he did not get out, so i decided to get closer to his car, i went through the trees and worked myself closer to his car hoping he wouldn’t notice me.
As i finally was so close that i could see what he was doing i was surprised to see that he was playing with his big cock………..IT WAS FANTASTIC !!!!!

I hoped something like this would happened, but i didn’t expect it. WAU. My cock was so hard in my pants. This was hot, me sitting in the woods watching a man ( 49 – 55 years old ) Playing with his cock in his car…….. JUST WAU!!!!!
His cock was big….he had a lot of hair on it, and he was just jerking his cock with his eyes closed.
Suddenly another car came, i jumped a bit back into the woods, the car parked right behind the painter, and the man got out of his car and smoked a cigaret , the painter just continued to jerk of in his car…..it was very exiting!!!! The smoking man started to walk around, looking around and the he just walk up to the painter car where the painter sat jerking his cock, he stopped by his window and just stood there smoking his cigaret and looked at him jerking off, my cock almost exploded in my underwear, this was so exiting and for me unreal and so FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!! The painter opened his car door and the smoking man threw his cigaret away and just took the painters cock in his hand and started to jerk him of, the painter started to groan very load he was enjoying it, i was enjoying it!!!!! Then suddenly the smoker bend over and took the big painter cock in his mouth and started to suck him of , i just had to jerk of…so i pulled my cock out my pants and jerked and jerked , this was just amazing, me standing in the woods with my boy cock out my pants jerking of and looking at to grown up men playing with each other , then i came, my cum exploded out of my cock head, i must have made some noise, the two men had stopped their cock game and was looking in my direction…..i got scared and nervous…..trying to be quiet and get my cock back in my pants, my foot slipped out and i fell out of the wood landed on the street in the parking place right in front of their cars…they looked at me and the smoking man started to walk over to me, i was scared i jumped up and started to run away, he started to shout : hey boy come back….boy come back……I just ran as fast as i could.

Wenn i got home my mum shouted from the living room :dinner is ready, as i came in they looked at me as i had just fallen down from the moon, my mum said: What happened to you, look at your clothes, it´s all dirty and why do you have grass on your pants???? My dad said: hey son you look as have you just seen a ghost, what´s up??? I told them that have been playing with the guys in the woods and that i fell from a tree……….. If they knew what i have seen……………..Man!!

As i finish my dinner i went to the bath room took a bath and jumped in my sl**p wear and went in my room to play some playstation……but i could only thing about that big cock…………and how the smoking guy was sucking it….i had to jerk off again my cock was so hard again…….all these pictures in my head….. i cum…it felt so good, i rubbed my cum on my stomach, licked some of it of my fingers….wondering if painters cock would taste the same…….Suddenly it knocked on my door it was mum coming to say good night. As i turned the light out i said to my self…..I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THAT PLACE…….!!!!!!!!

The next morning i woke up with a hard on……….and i still had the pictures of the smoking guy sucking of the painter in my head…… i decided to skip school and go to the parking place…..i had to…… i had to try more…….i had to touch the painters cock i was so big, so hairy , so hot so fantastic, it was a real big male cock…… a grown up man!!!
So i got up went down for breakfast , kissed mum and dad goodbye and of to “school”……… As i rode my bike trough the wood i was getting scared, exited ,and i just couldn’t wait to get there….this place was everything i dreamed of!!!!!

As i got there i was all alone on the parking place no cars, no men……just a boy with his bike……… i went in to the woods where i hid my bike between the trees, found a place where i could see the toilet building and waited and waited, while my imagination was running crazy about all the things i wanted to happen to me today……i pulled out my cock and closed my eyes and played with my cock…..after about tree hours a car came….an old man about 50 years old got out of the car an went in to the toilet………….after 10 minutes i decided to go in, i put my cock back in my pants and just as i wanted to go over to the toilet building , another car came, the guy went straight to the toilet………..i didn’t know if i should go in….after 15 minutes i was so curious i had to!!!!!!!!!! I went slowly over to the building opened the door……i could not see them….i went in….it smelled kind of disgusting but also very good……a mixture of sweat, piss and the urinary stones………..i heard them in the cabin…..they where making moaning sounds…..my cock was hard again………..suddenly they got very quiet…….and they where walking around in the cabin….i thought they where finished and came out so i walked to the door and wanted to get out , then i heard the one guy groan very load…….i walked back….but i couldn’t see anything….i tried to see under the cabin door but i could only see their feet……they where standing close and their feet pointed in the same direction……. i had to see them…as i got back up on my feet i could see a small hole between the door and the wall………i bend down and looked through the hole……….OOOOOH MAN………….i almost sprayed my boy cum in my pants, what i saw through that hole…….they where fucking……i have never seen stuff like that for real, only on the internet……….this was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man fucking had a normal size cock but he was using it good…. i just sat there in that toilet building looking through a hole and i was so horny i had to jerk of again…..i pulled out my cock and started to play with it……i was so fascinated by what i saw that i didn’t hear the door open and a man came in,first as he said: What are you doing there boy, i noticed him……..i got so scared i jumped up and ran out………………back in the woods to my bike, i wanted to go away………but the feeling in me was so strong i couldn’t , i wanted to see more.
I stayed in my hiding place and just looked at the toilet building…..after 15 minutes the two men from the cabin came out, jumped back in their cars and drove of……….but the man seeing me sit on the floor playing with my cock looking through the hole was still in the building……i waited for 10 15 minutes but he didn’t came out…….i didn’t know if i should go in…..i wanted to, but i was also a bit scared……but i wanted to…..and my cock was still hard and still out of my pants….funny it didn’t go soft as he scared me…….i had to go in.

As i wanted to go to the toilet a car came up, the guy went in so i stayed in my hiding place but after 5 minutes he came back out and drove of….i waited 5 more minutes….the man was still in the toilet, so i decided to go, i went over the parking place, i was walking in a ecstasy of fear and excitement. As i was at the toilet door i wanted to turn around and go away, but the man must have heard me and said very loud: COME INSIDE BOY, so i did……..he was standing at the urinary…..a tall man, he was standing with his back to the door……a very tall man…..as the door slammed behind me he turned his head and looked at me…..he was old (50) , he smiled at me with a ugly smile……it made me scared…..but also very fascinated and horny.

He turned his head back and said: COME OVER HERE BOY, i just walked over , standing at his side , then i saw his cock in his hand…..i was a very very nice cock, it was very hairy and was just jerking it so that his forskin went up and down over his cock head…..i was paralyzed by his cock, just standing there and looked at it, then he turned his head and looked at me as he pushed me with his one hand down on my knees and said: OPEN YOUR MOUTH BOY……….i just did it, then he pressed his cock in my mouth and said: GO AHEAD BOY, SUCK THAT COCK…….i did as good as i could , i had never sucked a cock before, so i tried to do as i had seen it on the net, he moved his butt back and forth starting to fuck my mouth, then he pulled my head away and said : NOW DO THE BALLS, LICK THEM, SUCK THEM, i did as he said , his balls smelled a bit f sweat and piss it turned me on , he was pushing me head firm against his balls, i felt his cock hair against my face…..that was so nice and horny. Then he said :THAT´S RIGHT MY BOY, NOW SUCK MY COCK, i sucked his cock then i went back on his balls, then his cock, then the balls again , i was just sitting there in the middle of the toilet building in front of the urinary sucking some old man´s cock, suddenly he pulled me up and said to me in a firm voice : PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN BOY, i did and waited….then he said to me : BEND OVER AND SUCK MY COCK, i bend my head down and sucked as he said , he was playing with his hands on my butt, then he slapped me on my ass, that made me afraid and i wanted to go, he just hold my head very firm and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and said: GO ON BOY; SUCK IT, then he slapped my ass again and said:THAT´S A GOOD BOY…….THAT´S RIGHT SUCK IT, SUCK IT, and i did as he said, he hit my ass harder and started to groan loud , fucking my mouth, then he pulled his cock out of my mouth at the same time he drove tow fingers inside my asshole, it hurted very much i screamed loud, but he just pushed them further up then he came, his cum sprayed out of his cock and landed on the floor, i was screaming, he was groaning , he still had his finger in my ass and his cock was pumping his cum on the floor……………

After a while as he was finished he pulled out his fingers i fell on my knees, he looked at me and said : YOU LIKED THAT RIGHT BOY. i said yes i guess i did…..he put his cock back in his pants , took something out of his pocket and threw it on the floor beside me , then he opened the door and said : SEE YOU AGAIN SOON BOY!
I stood up and wanted to pull my pants up, my cock was so wet, i think i came as he f***ed his fingers inside me , i bend down to pick up what he threw on the floor……….it was 20 euros.
As i drove my bike home i could still feel his fingers in my ass and the precut was running out my cock…………THAT WAS A GOOD DAY!!!!!!

Weekend fun: Johnny’s Summer Camp Encounter

Im John or as my younger b*****r calls me Johnny. It was summer time and I had just turned 16 when I found my very first job volunteering at a summer camp. This camp was for k1ds age 6-13 out by the ocean we would sometimes take the k1ds for a ride in a big boat that fit about 20 of us at a time so it would be just me with another camp counselor and about 18 campers. While at the camp the campers were given time to “free play” which meant they could play unorganized sports amongst themselves, or games like hide and seek. No one would be let in or out of the park without permission from the guard at the entrance so we would be able to let the campers roam freely within the boundaries of the camp without much supervision. There were about 75 campers in total and most of them stuck around, plus the ones under 9 years old couldn’t cross a nearby boundary line. When free play was over the loud speaker was heard all the campers were to report to the main “hut” where they would be in an air conditioned room to rehydrate and play indoor games. A head count would be also be done 30 minutes after the loud speaker called them in and the campers would play inside until it was over.

I have a good eye for spotting campers which is one reason why they sent me to gather all campers on the furthest ends of the park. This usually took me about an hour because the park was about ¼ mile long and almost the same amount wide. The other reason was they weren’t paying me to be around so they didn’t mind if I spent an hour of my time there looking for a camper so long as I found them. I had my long range radio so I could call it in when I found the last one. They told me two campers were missing, a 10 year old boy named David, and a 12 year old boy named Brian. They were playing hide and seek according to one of Brian’s friends, who came in after being tired of trying to find them. As I reached the last stretch I barely spotted them on the far end of the park. It was a very good place to hide because there were some trees and bushes surrounding them. I walked closer to see if it was really them and what I saw next surprised me. Brian was standing up with his shorts down and young David was kneeling in front of him sucking his young hard dick! I was in shock and when they saw me approaching so were they. Brian pushed David off, spilling some of his saliva on the ground and tried to cover up his circumcised, 4 inch hard on. I told David to walk over to the hut immediately and say that he was hiding by himself when I found him. David didn’t say a word he just nodded and walked off with his head down feeling ashamed since he was caught. I instructed Brian to stay where he was and waited for David to walk away before calling it in on the radio, but instead of reporting what I witnessed I said “252 to 254 I found David, copy?” “Roger that 252, take your time they’ve planned a long indoor activity for the campers as a result of those two, copy.” “Roger that 254.”

Brian just stood there with his shorts still down and by then his pre teen dick was down to it’s normal 2 inch size. Then I said, “You like it when another boy sucks your dick, don’t you Brian?” He nervously shook his head denying it. I then said, “No? So why were you so hard when little David was sucking your dick huh?” He began to beg, “I’m sorry counselor I won’t do it again, I promise! Pleeease don’t tell anyone!” Just then an evil grin came to my face since I knew I could do whatever I wanted with this caught criminal. “Okay Brian, maybe we can make a deal and I won’t have to tell your dirty little secret.” He said, “Really Um… okay, what kinda deal?” I replied, “It’s simple, I won’t tell the others about you and David if you do whatever I say for the next half hour.” He looked at me with his eyes wide open and said, “I have to do anything you say?” I quickly responded, “Everything, no exceptions!” Brian stared at the floor for a little while and said, “I…Umm. Yea… okay. If it means you won’t tell, I will.” Without wasting time I said, “Okay take off your shirt and kick off your shorts too.” Brian did as he was told and was now completely naked in front of me. I unzipped the front of my shorts and pulled out my very hard 6 inch cock. I said, “Okay big boy it’s time for you to see what it’s like to suck an older boy dick like David did to you.” Brian started taking a few steps back and with tears building in his eyes he said, “Nooo, you, you can’t make me do that!” I reminded him by saying, “If you don’t do as I say I will tell the others about what I saw you doing with David and you’ll be in big trouble because your parents will find out too!”

Brian was then crying in a low tone, sniffling as he approached me trying to hold back his tears. I then said, “Come on kneel down right here in front of me.” As he approached I helped him kneel almost pushing him into position and he knelt with his face inches from my hard cock. “Now put my dick in your mouth boy and start sucking it like little David was doing for you.” He froze at the sight of my hard cock and more tears rushed down his face as I saw his dick had sprung up to attention again. So without asking twice I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pushed my cock to his mouth for it to open. When I saw he didn’t open I just decided to do it myself as I struggled to pry his lips open and finally slid the first inch of my hard cock passed his virgin lips. “See it wasn’t so hard.” I said as I pushed in a little more letting 3 inches of my cock go in Brian’s mouth. “Start sucking big boy.” Brian gagged at first but eventually started sucking my cock unwillingly. I liked the sight of this young boys mouth on my cock and soon I was thrusting my hips slightly as I began fucking his mouth. I took hold of Brians head to start face fucking him for real and I pushed my cock in as far as it would go until he gagged. I pulled out almost completely and 4rced my cock back deep into his throat. I felt him fighting back trying to break free of my grasp which only made me go faster until I felt I was about to cum, and after a few more long thrusts, I began spilling several streams of my warm semen down Brian’s throat. I slowly started pulling out without letting go of his head making him swallow all of my cum and when I let go, there was no fight left in him as he knelt in front of me sobbing, yet still fully hard. So I decided I would do something else just before we headed back.

I told Brian to stand up as I said, “Because you’ve been such a good boy, not only will I protect your secret, but since David is not here I will have to finish what he started, won’t I?” I reached over touching his 4 inch fully hard dick and knelt down. Without getting his approval, I brought my mouth to it and I put this pre teen boy’s dick in my mouth savoring it as I started sucking on it. He was no longer crying and he didn’t put up much of a fight this time. I tasted the leaking precum from the head of his young dick which made me take it all the way in my mouth and I started mercilessly sucking Brian’s hard dick. Seconds later I heard him moan and say “Stop counselor, it feels funny and I think Im gonna… Im gonna… uhh..uhhhh!” I kept sucking wanting all of his premature seed to spill in my mouth so I can taste and swallow it. He thrust into my mouth and I felt a pretty good amount of his young, warm semen spill on my tongue which tasted nice and sweet so I swallowed it as I sucked him dry trying to drain out every last drop. When I felt he was completely finished, I pulled his shrinking dick out of my mouth licking the tip once more and I let him fall naked and tired on the grass. I helped him put on his clothes and said, “Nice work, not bad for a 12 year old, but our pact is not finished yet. You must come out here with me once a day during free play for the rest of the summer and for about half an hour you have to do as I say, no ifs or buts about it. Okay? Understood Brian?” He could barely let out an answer from how exhausted he was but he managed to say, “Yes counselor.” “You can even invite David so he can play along too!” “Sure I’ll tell him, as long as you don’t tell on us sir, it’s okay with me.” I smiled and said, “Alright, let’s get you back to camp then…” To be continued…


Dan and I are best friends. We have known each other since 1st grade. We lived on the same street. We played together camped together, swam, played sports and were just generally best buds. We just graduated high school this past spring and are both eighteen years old. We have been making plans of getting our own place since the 9th grade. We figured if we both worked we could get a two bedroom apartment and split the costs. I work at a local fast food place and Dan works at a warehouse. We don’t make a lot of money but it is enough to pay the rent, utilities and food with a little left over for weekend stuff. We got a pretty nice apartment on the ground floor with a good view of the swimming pool. We have a workout room at our complex, a swimming pool and a nice little lake that’s good for duck chasing. Our apartment is a small two bedroom with one bathroom. It is a jack and jill style bathroom with a door from each bedroom leading into it. I have the smaller of the two bedrooms so all I can fit in it is a full size bed small night stand and a dresser. I have my tv and video game console sitting on top of my dresser and I either sit on the bed and play my video games or I sit on the floor in front of my bed so I can lean back while I play. Did I mention we love to play video games?

Dan is quite the ladies man standing at six foot two and a lean one hundred eighty five pounds, short straight brown hair parted on one side and has that lean swimmers build. I am about five foot ten and a skinny one hundred fifty pounds brown hair and try to work out. When we are hanging out at the pool Dan gets a lot of looks from the ladies. I think they like his bulge in his speedos. Of course I like the attention I get from the ladies with Dan at my side too.

We had just come in from out at the pool and Dan said he was going to jump in the shower. I didn’t swim so I just went into my room and turned on my favorite video game and sat on the floor leaning against my bed like I always do. When Dan was done showering I heard him turn the water off. Dressed in his towel, he poked his head in my room and asked if I had any extra cotton swabs that he had water in his ear from the pool he couldn’t get out.. I told him sure, that they were in my nightstand drawer. I moved my legs to the side so he could walk through my room. I was still playing my game when he walked back through and stop right in front of me straddling a his legs on either side of mine. I said “hey what gives?” Then without a word he drops his towel and has his dick right in my face. I started to say what the f… when he pushed his bulging penis against my lips.

My head was spinning as all this was happening so fast. I started to protest but he shoved his now hardening dick into my mouth. At first I started to resist but I slowly let him push more of his thick cock into my mouth. I thought to myself, “what the hell am I doing? Sucking my best friends dick?” Dan started saying things like “oh yeah”, “suck that dick good.” I am still in shock but as he pushes it farther in my mouth my own cock starts to get hard. I can’t believe I am starting to like this. I relax a little and let his cock go farther down my throat until my nose is touching his shave pubic area. Wow his dick is about seven inches long and very thick. It swelled so big I could hardly fit it in my mouth. It was stretching my lips but I let him continue to slowly pump it in and out of my mouth. By now I had a raging hard on and Dan was caressing the back of my head.

He grabs the back of my neck and I lean my head back a little more giving him full access to my open mouth and throat. He starts fucking my face a little faster and a little harder. My dick is fully raged by now. I can’t believe I am letting Dan do this. Then I thought, what about when he has an orgasm? Will he cum in my mouth? What if I don’t like it? What if I do? What am I doing? But my carnal senses of desire and lust are taking over and I just figure what the hell, I’ll try it. BY now Dan is pumping away at my open throat and I hear him starting to grunt and moan so I know he is getting close. He starts saying, “get ready to drink it up you little whore. I am going to cum right down your throat.” The anticipation is rocking my brain. I am so hot right now I was ready for it. His thick dick is pumping in and out of my mouth is pushing me close to the edge. After a few more grunts and moans I feel his dick get really hard and swelled even bigger then he says,” ahhh here it is, drink it up.” I felt a little warm dribble on my tongue then gush after gush of hot semen hitting the back of my throat so fast I tried my best to swallow it all.

I could feel his dick pulsing between my lips as he pumped in and out with his hot man juice squirting down my throat like a fire hose. Just gulp after gulp of hot semen as he gripped the back of my neck. I actually liked the taste of it. It was hot and creamy, kind of sweet tasting but very thick. He came so much a little dribbled out of my lips as I could hardly swallow it all. I milked that bull for all it was worth. After he was done cumming in my mouth his penis started to deflate a little and he pulled it out, let go of my neck and said, “This is just the beginning. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” I never knew. I was clueless. He picked up his towel and left my room just as quick as he entered it.
My dick was still raging so I pulled off my shorts, laid on my bed and jacked my cock while thinking of him shooting is hot thick semen down my throat. It didn’t take me very long and I was shooting my own man juice all over my stomach. I was dizzy and my head was spinning. “Did I just do what I think I did?” I thought. Wow…that was amazing. I wonder what he meant by this was only the beginning? I could only imagine what he had in store for me after that but somehow I knew it was going to be a very fun summer.

My little brother

This is a fantasy i****t story about two b*****rs telling how the older turned the younger into his own personal whore. Like most of my stories it’s still in progress.

I am now twenty-four year old and I live alone with my younger b*****r Andrew, who recently turned eighteen. Our parents died three years ago and since then, my b*****r came to live with me in my small condo. I pay for everything since I’ve got a good load of work. I’m a film editor, so I can work from home on most of my contracts. Andy doesn’t work and never has, in fact he doesn’t do much these days since he just dropped out of school… He looks very boyish. He’s small, he can’t grow decent facial hairs and at some point I have even wondered if he has any pubic hairs… He has dark blond hair and bluish gray eyes.

About three months after he moved in with me, I caught him masturbating in the shower and since that day, I can’t help but to be attracted to him. In fact sometimes I couldn’t help but to picture myself drilling his little asshole with my prick and then smearing his hair with my thick semen. Well, that’s not a problem anymore since I can do it anytime I want to. Some time after the shower incident I decided to take action and I turned my cute little b*****r Andrew into my personal slave, and I thought I’d tell you that story.

One day, I was very tired and decided to go out for a drink. All the time I kept thinking about my b*****r, about his little ass and his mouth. I kept imagining his dick and just how unbelievably great and satisfying it would be to fuck him good. I never knew if he was heterosexual or gay, or both maybe. He never brought back any girls home, but he never brought guys neither. He never even talked about guys or girls and for all I know he’s never been on porn sites either. His sexuality was an actual mystery to me. It had been six months since I saw him masturbating in the shower and I still couldn’t get him out of my mind. Around eleven o’clock I decided to go back home. On my way I saw couples making out and groping each others… It was unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I thought I’d do my little b*****r that night. If anything had gone wrong I would have blamed it on the alcohol to get his forgiveness.

I got home around eleven thirty and found all the lights off. When I got into the living room I found Andrew lumped over the sofa, face down, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of boxers. I knew my little b*****r was a heavy sl**per so I was pretty sure I could strip him naked without waking him, so I began. His t-shirt came off easily and Andy didn’t even twitch in his sl**p. I stopped a second to admire his skinny, almost c***dish, body and proceeded to his boxers. These too slipped without trouble and my little cutie of a b*****r was now stark naked on my couch, sl**ping.

I went to the bathroom, where I stripped and took some lube and a rubber. I went back to the living room and was pleased to see he didn’t move, not even an inch. I caressed his firm butt and began to apply the lube on his little rosebud. As I did he shivered a little and I found myself taken over by a sexual urge I had never experienced before. My cock immediately got hard like hell and began dripping precum, so I slipped in my condom and lied on my b*****r’s warm body. The newly added weight of my own body made him move a little, trying to adjust himself, but he still didn’t wake up. The urge was now way to much to resist. I slid my dick between his ass cheeks and began rubbing it a little before aligning it with his hole, then I gave the first push. He shifted uncomfortably under me, but I kept going and I kept applying pressure on his virgin asshole until it finally allowed the tip of my prick to squeeze itself inside him. Driven wild by that little intrusion, I forgot all about trying not to wake him up and shifted my weight so I could slam my rod as deep in his bowels as I could.

That single hard thrust woke him, sending waves of pain through his body. Maybe if I had used more lube, or if I had been more gentle… but then we wouldn’t be here today would we? I felt his body tense up and try to fight my intrusion in his rectum, for a second it made me wonder what was I doing, but then the a****l urge to fuck that hot piece of meat took over my mind again and I just pinned him in the couch with all my strength. I outweighed him by a good forty pounds, so there wasn’t much he could do. As I was pumping in and out of his ass, he managed to look back at his r****t. When he saw my face he immediately began to yell at me. He was outraged and looked like he wanted to kill me right there, but all of his energy and will to fight just drove me crazier and I increased the rhythm of my thrusts. When he spoke to me it was only to insult me and try to either threaten me or bargain with me so I would stop and leave him alone. A newfound sadism had awoken inside me and I couldn’t help but to twist his left arm so he would shut up and cooperate. After about twenty minutes of the roughest fucking I ever gave anyone, Andrew had surrendered. He was as limp as a rag doll and was abundantly crying, his face buried in the couch and held there by my left hand.

When I finally came he held still, face down, even as I withdrew my hard member from his burning ass and emptied the content of my condom on his gaping asshole. My cum dribbled both in his sore rectum and down his balls and on the couch. I took out my cellphone and took a couple of picture without him noticing. Then I went to my room and quickly fell asl**p, spent by the intense fucking I just gave my little b*****r.

When I woke up the next morning, I felt ashamed of myself and thought I had to try to fix things up if possible. When I went to Andy’s room I couldn’t find him anywhere, so I went to the living room and found him lying on the couch, covered with an old blanket. As I approached he spun his head around and gave me a killer look. He stood up and ran toward me in order to smash his clenched fist on my stomach. He was yelling at me and threatening me. Guilty of being the r****t who took his ass a couple of hours earlier, I took it all without fighting back, although something was stirring again inside me. The thing is that my b*****r was still naked and clearly didn’t sl**p at all. As I watched him, trying to hurt me, I noticed his cock; flaccid but glistening in what seemed to be precum. A quick look to the couch revealed something to me: there was a large dried up stain on the spot where his crotch was last night as I fucked him. I must have f***ed him to cum without realizing it.

That detail ignited back the sadist who violently ****d my little b*****r. I grabbed his wrists and launched my knee to his pelvis. I made sure not to hit his dick. He stopped fighting and began sobbing again. “Shut the fuck up for chrissake!” I slapped him across the face. “Look at the mess you made on the couch, you asshole! You came all over it didn’t you!?” He lowered his head in shame. “Was it while I was pumping your ass, or after? Eh? I guess you liked it more than it seemed, you piece of shit…” I said my last sentence in a low, hushed tone. I quickly noticed that his cock was hard and mine was simply throbbing. I placed a hand on his throat and slipped out of my boxers with my other one. “Get down there and suck me, since you’re such a little whore.” Since he wasn’t complying I told him about the pictures I took. I blackmailed him shamelessly and then I f***ed him to his knees, rubbing and slapping my cock on his face. Eventually he must have come to the conclusion that he didn’t have a choice in the matter and was better to do as I said, he slowly opened his mouth and before he could close it back I slammed my rock-hard rod in his mouth. His disgust at my taste was apparent on his face, along with a growing hatred and fear. He was trying to push me away, but a quick kick to his stomach f***ed him to face reality and once again he resigned himself to submit to my desires.

He very slowly began bobbing his head on my cock. Soon I had both hands holding his head and forcing him to a much faster and rougher pace. He gagged and coughed each times my dick would hit the back of his mouth and I would always keep going without giving a damn. After a while of this I took my cock out of his slobbering mouth and shot my morning load all over his abused face.

Now that my sadistic self had taken over me again, the rest of the day went by with a series of different abuses. Andy was quietly enduring his day of numerous ****s when an idea struck me. To be quite honest I’m not gay, I’m bisexual, and as I watched him lying on the kitchen table covered in loads of both our cum, I suddenly had a flash back of a porn movie I had on my computer. There was that girl who was roughly fucked for some time before the guy taught her how to give herself an enema. Now, that’s something I’ve been looking forward to doing with someone for quite a while and, looking down on my little b*****r, the need to try it came rushing back to my mind. So I grabbed my sticky little bitch of a b*****r and dragged him to the washroom. Then I went to the kitchen to grab my plastic funnel and a large measuring cup (a two liters one). I f***ed Andy on all fours in the bath and plugged his ass with the funnel. He looked dazed, not crying or whimpering anymore, but not sincerely enjoying himself either although he did cum a couple of times.

He was watching me absentmindedly as I filled my measuring cup with tap water and a drop or two of dishwasher soap. I stirred a little and then began pouring the soapy water down the funnel and deep in his gut. When he felt the water inside him; he offered a little struggle that quickly calmed down when I slapped his balls before squeezing them a bit. I managed to empty the two liters. of soapy water in his bowels and then took the funnel out. Then I f***ed him in an especially uncomfortable position where he had his ass over his face, and held him like that. He knew he would have to hold it in as long as I didn’t release him from that pose, otherwise he would shit on his own face. After about ten to fifteen minutes he began to beg. I kept refusing and took a delightful pleasure to watch his face twisting itself as I caressed his stomach with one hand; when I thought he could take it any more I released my grasp and allowed him to empty himself. He let it all out, lying face down in the bath. As soon as he tried to get out I grabbed him and ordered him to get back on all fours. He was reluctant, but eventually complied knowing he wouldn’t have a chance against me. So I filled my measuring cup again, but with plain water this time, and then emptied it again down his intestine. I repeated the process two more times to make sure he was clean and then cleaned the bath with the garden hose.

When I was finished I found Andy crawled up on the couch, on the very same spot where he got his first f***ed anal orgasm. He was staring at his feet when he noticed I was back in the living room. Since I fucked his face that morning, we both stayed naked. I walked to the couch and sat beside him. I slipped an arm around his small shoulders and began caressing his slender body with my other hand. As I began spreading his legs, his cock began to rise. Although he was still reluctant to admit it, he was already really into submission. His face suddenly was empty again, as if he just left his body, knowing my intentions. I began playing a little with his erect member before turning him over so I could have access to his deliciously tight ass. I spat on it a couple of time before pressing the tip of my already hard dick on his little rosebud. When he felt the bare flesh of my rod, he quickly turned around and faintly asked me if I wasn’t going to use a condom again. I laughed a little and explained to him that it was one of the two reasons for his previous enemas; so his butt hole would be nice and clean for me. Then, for the first time, I wished I could see what was going on in his cute little head; as I kept pushing, with a grin on my face, his eyes stayed locked on my body as it came closer and closer to his hips. In fact he kept watching my hips for at least half the time I fucked him that afternoon. Eventually, as my pumping got rougher and faster, he closed his eyes and face forward again. Not long before ejaculating, I had a look at his face; it was twisted in a mixture of pain and pleasure and he was drooling down on my couch with his face pressed against the cushion, lying on his chest. The whole time I could hear his hard dick slapping against his flat stomach, together with the distinct sound of my balls smashing on each his. Moments before allowing myself to cum I began stroking his dick and quickly we both came. I shot my load as deep as I could in his ass as he shot his in my hand. Once he was done, I let go of his prick and smudged his cum all over his pretty face before giving him a good spanking, with my cock still inside him, reminding him that he was nothing but my little bitch.

I am glad I didn’t fell asl**p too fast that night. After a little while I heard the door of my room creak as it was being opened. My little b*****r was standing in the doorway, with his slightly shy posture and small figure. I turned on the lights to see to my greatest surprise that he was still naked too and stroking his half limp dick. He blushed furiously as tears filled his eyes before he began to talk. Then he told me: “Can you… please I… I can’t… It’s no use…” He was looking down at his member. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was convinced I had doomed us by my actions and that I had no other choices now but to keep on abusing of him or never see him again and risk jail, but here he was begging me to help him to play with his cock. It seemed that a whole day of sexual abuse and **** had awoken in him the submissive little puppet, and it also seems that I procured him enough pleasure to accept that new role of his. I sat on my bed and gestured him to sit by me, which he did without ever taking his right hand off his dick. That’s when I noticed how much he was now into this. At first I couldn’t see where his left hand was while he masturbated with his right one, but now I understood as I saw it come out of between his ass cheeks so he could sit down.

Once he was beside me on my bed, I took his hand off his cock and wrapped mine around it. He instantly got hard and quickly began spurting pre-cum. I stroked him a little before stopping to nibble on his perk nipples which seemed very sensitives. Then I grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back a little and asked him a decisive question.
“Alright you little twerp, you seem to have turned into a real little sex addict haven’t you?” He nodded.
“I have a deal for then. In exchange for making you cum and satisfying your urge for sex you will have to become my slave, OK? You’ll be treated like my little pet, my bitch. You’ll have to obey every single order I give you. How does that sound?”
He took a moment to stare at our dicks before he said “Yes, OK. I’ll do it.” and began stroking his dick again. I told him to stop it, and he did, reluctantly. Then I ordered him to ride my cock, and he took a hold of my erected rod and aligned it with his painful ass. Since he came in my room, I’ve been dripping pre-cum non-stop, so my dick slid in his back door with ease. he sat on my hips with my cock buried inside him and a lustful look in his eyes. It was still hurting him and it showed, but now he also loved it. He was facing me and slowly began hopping up and down, impaled on my hard shaft. I held him by the thigh and ran my hands up to his ass. The whole time, I kept shifting my hands between his ass cheeks, his prick and his hard nipples. After a while he came all over my chest with a tremendous orgasm that f***ed him to squeeze his rectum with random, uncontrollable spasms that made me empty a generous load up his ass. Then I laid down, holding him by the neck, keeping my cock deep inside him, and made him eat his own cum off my chest. When I pulled out of his ass I made sure to get all my cum that was slurping out of him in my hands, and then made him eat it too.

An hour later I dressed up, and strapped two leather belts together, with one around his pale neck. It was all he had on him and I took him outside. We stayed in the shadows until we reached the small park nearby, then I walked him there for while. After ten minutes I sat on a bench and told him to suck me. The whole time we were in the park he had a raging hard-on. When I got close to cumming, I stopped him and pulled out of his heavenly mouth to cover his face with my hot semen, then we walked back home with his face covered in cum.

That night we didn’t sl**p much and the next day, he could barely sit down.

Sore as his ass was my little b*****r woke me by sucking my cock to full hardness when we got home from our day walk. I was drooling pre-cum, my rod stiff and wet with my pre-cum and his saliva. He come up off of me with his mouth and begged me to fuck him. He knelt, his chest down, butt up in the air, legs apart.

I looked at his red, raw hole and made my decision right then. I put my cock to his little puffy boypussy and slid it deep into him. I rocked back and forth, pulled and pushed him by his hips, sawing my randy, sloppy wet tool in and out of his anus.

He moaned, groaned happily.
After all the cum he had gotten out of me I fucked him lazily. I reached to the nightstand, picked up my cell phone and called my best friend. When he answered I wasted no time, “Want some pussy?” I asked.
“Hell yeah,” he answered, then chuckling asked, “You offering me yours?” He added, “I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since we sucked and you fucked me.”
“No,” I answered, “come on over and fuck my little b*****r. If you behave I will suck you hard to fuck him and clean your cock in my mouth after you dump a load in him.”
I put the phone down and concentrated on riding my cock back and forth in my b*****r’s tight boycunt real slow. Soon my best friend came right into the bedroom where I was fucking my little b*****r’s ass.
My friend stripped naked and got on the bed with us. His cock was already hard, drooling pre-cum from watching us.
“Fuck his mouth,” I told my friend. “Let him suck you some.”
We fucked my b*****r in his mouth and ass until I took my friend’s cock out of my b*****r’s mouth and put it into mine. I worked his meat good, slobbering all over it, fingering his ass to get him slimy wet and super hard.
I slid my cock out of my b*****r’s back hole and invited my friend, “Come fuck him. He’s only had mine in him, never one as big as yours.”
I moved away. My friend mounted my b*****r. “Spread your cheeks honey,” he cooed to my little b*****r. My rod is big, thick, long with a huge knob. Spread ‘em wide and back up onto me.”
My little b*****r did as he was told, trembling at the idea of having a shaft up his boycunt other than mine, a bigger one.
With his mushroom head pressed against my little b*****r’s red, raw anal opening, my friend said, “Now take a deep breath and grunt, push back.”
“Ungh, oooh, yow, ouch,” my little b*****r squealed as my friend’s knob stretched my little b*****r’s sphincter wider.
“Breath again honey,” my friend said. “I’m going to push it all up in you.”
Gasping, shuddering my little b*****r took a deep breath.
“Aaaagh, oh, no, please,” he huffed in short breaths, “unnngh, argh, I can’t take it,” my little b*****r huffed.

“N-No, s-stop it, please!” begs Andrew, fingers digging into the soiled bedsheets as your friend grips his girlish hips and continues to mercilessly slide his cock into the younger boy’s bowels; your friend looks somewhat sadistic, getting off on the cries of the helpless submissive boy under him, and you completely understand– Your own cock quivers and comes to life once more as you watch your best friend slowly fuck your little b*****r, working his fat cock deep inside of Andrew’s miraculously still-tight anus.

“Oh, ouch!” moans Andy, in a mix of pleasure and pain; his thighs are spreading as he tries to take the cock in a little easier, but it’s not working, the hard meat pressing into him is just too big to go in easy. “It’s too big, it’s too big! Ah, I-I just can’t fit it inside me! It hurts!” Glittering tears slip down Andy’s smooth, flushed face, and as you stroke your own ballooning erection you get an idea.

“Andy, say ‘ah.'” Andrew looks up at you from his position of lying flat on his chest, his eyes a little unfocused, but your friend knows what you’re going to do and smirks as you cock-slap Andy for not obeying you fast enough. Your little b*****r whimpers, moaning a little as the mushroom-shaped imprint of your fleshy cock-tip turns red on his fair skin. “I said open up your goddamn mouth, you little bitch!” Tears coming a little faster now, Andy obeys you in a hurry, obediently opening his mouth to receive the hot red cockmeat you immediately stuff into it. Your cock-head hits the back of his throat fairly quickly, but you shove it a little further in anyway; Andy gags a little but dares not protest your cruel treatment of him.

“Now suck me off, twerp, and when I cum you’d better drink it all, or we’re gonna teach the little slut-bitch a lesson!” Half-terrified and half-turned on at the thought of what you and your friend could both do to him, Andy quickly begins sucking at your cock, his tongue stroking your rigid shaft and playing with the slit of your piss-hole. “Ugh, yeah, just like that you little cumslut!” you moan, tangling your fingers in his hair and yanking on them roughly; tears well in Andy’s eyes and slip over his hairless, boyish cheeks, and your friend, turned on by your rough treatment of your helpless little b*****r, really begins shoving his full length inside of Andrew’s tender asshole. Andy’s eyes fly open wide as your friend begins pounding into him, and he moans like the little bitch you’ve made him, the sound stifled by your cock as it fills his mouth; he tongues your sensitive cock even faster, sucking like a vacuum, and you can feel your balls clench as your friend groans lustily and pumps himself into Andy all the harder. The abused young boy is crying hard now, abandoning himself to the double-teaming, and he reaches up on his own to lovingly stroke and massage your hairy balls, squeezing them gently as though trying to milk you for more of your cum. You can hear your friend’s balls slapping hard against Andrew’s soft, pert little asscheeks as Andrew furiously humps the bed, trying hard to get himself off and giving into the sexual enjoyment.

“I’m cumming!” you groan, thrusting into your little b*****r’s hot, wet mouth, and your friend grunts a reply as he speeds up even more, trying to make both himself and your little fucktoy cum at the same time. Pulling Andrew’s head towards you by the hair, you push him into your crotch, his nose buried in your pubes as you prepare to cum.

In an instant’s release, your balls unload their sperm, sending your thick, sticky semen flooding out of your cock and into your younger b*****r’s mouth. Andrew moans around your thick meat, and as the jizz fills up his mouth and pours down his throat Andy continues trying to suck, but falters a little as his mouth becomes overwhelmed. You pull cruelly on his hair to urge him on, ordering him to resume his previous tending as you face-fuck him to your heart’s content, and with a muffled, gurgling whimper Andrew has no choice but to obey. As you hump Andy’s mouth, you can see your friend furiously unloading his own hot cum into Andy’s asshole, pumping hard into the younger boy’s anus and gripping Andy’s hips almost painfully to keep them in place. From the way Andy’s slender legs were trembling, you guessed he was probably jizzing against the bedspread as he continued to hump the mattress beneath him.

Thrusting your hot meat into your little b*****r’s open, willing mouth, you feel yourself coming down off of the orgasm as Andy noisily slurps down all of the cum he can stomach, and you get half-hard again, imagining how you’re filling your little b*****r’s stomach with his older b*****r’s seed. As you glance down, you see that some of your cum is dribbling out of the sides of Andy’s mouth– It was just too much for him to take, and it looks like even though he sucked down as much as he could, he just couldn’t cut it.

He gags a little as you pull your cock out of his mouth, his pink lips slightly swollen from your harsh mouth-fucking, and then he cries out as your swollen cock-tip slaps him again on first one cheek, then the other.

“Ow!” he cries out, his voice weak, obviously pained from the anal reaming he’d just received, your friend’s cock still buried deep in his bowels. “Wh-Why’re you doing that?” he asked plaintively, only to earn himself another cock-slap on a cheek that’s beginning to be tender from your abuse.

“Call me MASTER, you little bitch! Remember, you’re my bitch now, my slave, so you’d better damn well show me some respect, you little slut!” You nod to your friend, and – buried hilt-deep in your little b*****r’s asshole – he draws back his hand and brings it down on one of Andrew’s asscheeks. Andy utters something between a shriek and a squeal at the sharp spank and immediately moans out “I’m sorry, Master, I’m sorry! I’m your bitch, I’m your slave!”

“Yeah, you are,” you confirm, but you notice that he seems to be trembling a little more, and he’s started to rub himself against the bed again after that slap. “But maybe you’re just enjoying it too much, huh slut?” You nod again to your friend, who grins sadistically and slaps Andrew’s vulnerable asscheek again, causing the taut, firm flesh to jiggle as Andy squeals again and squirms, impaling himself further on your friend’s cock.

“Looks like the little bitch likes getting spankings from real men, doesn’t he?” taunts your friend, and he slaps Andy’s ass again, this time once on each cheek.

“N-Noooooo…” moans Andy, but he sounds aroused as well as humiliated, and he’s beginning to pant again as his tender white skin begins to redden with handprints. “I… I’m not…”

“I think you are, you sick little fuck!” you yell, getting horny all over again as you look down at your naked younger b*****r, lying on his belly with your thick cum dripping down his chin and your best friend’s handprints obvious on his fair skin. “You LIKE getting spanked and abused, don’t you? Don’t you?!”

“No, n-no,” moans Andy, though when your friend spanks him sharply again he groans as though he’s having a mini-orgasm and begins humping the bed even harder. It seems that your **** and abuse of him has made Andrew into the consummate slave, and it’s awakened his love of corporal punishment: You grin in sadistic glee, ready to try out the entire range of BDSM on your helpless little submissive of a baby b*****r.

You suddenly grab a handful of his dark blond hair and yank it upward. Squinting from the pain, Andrew quickly propped himself on his arms and awkwardly got up on his knees. The movement f***ed your friend out of your b*****r’s well-abused ass and made him fall back. As he lost balance off the bed, his feet barely caught the floor and he had to grab the desk behind him to steady himself.
Still pulling his hair you look your baby b*****r head to toes. As you do you quickly notice his small dick bouncing up in nervous spasms with a long line of cum still leaking from his dick-head, sliding down his shaft and along the center of of balls before dripping slowly. He seems to have cum plenty and/or many times. Looking down you see there’s a large stain of fresh cum on your sheets where is sissy cock was rubbing. You guide him to the edge of the bed and then push his face right in the pool of his own slimy cum. The feeling of his warm, fresh sperm makes him whimper but you and your friend love the sight. Your friend takes a camera and snaps a couple of shots as you hold Andrew down. His well-fucked asshole is still gaping open, cum bubbling out and his dick is still twitching out of pure lust.
“Look at this little cum-slut! He came from getting ****d senseless!”
Your friend laughs at the worthless sissy-bitch in front of you.
“You came all over my sheets you little shit! Clean it up while you’re there! Eat your fucking dirty cum right now! You hear me?”
Andrew gasped a meek “Yes, Master” and started lapping at his cum.
“And keep that ass up!”
He nodded.

To be continued

Cross dressing with my sister

I turned up at my s…..s flat, ready for a Friday night out. We got the drink flowing and started to get dressed up for the night. Pru said that she was going to wear knee high leather boots, a short skirt that will show off her ass and a top to die for. I said ” what the heck do I wear that will make me stand out”.pru stood there in her robe and said ” let’s dress you as a girl, that’ll make you stand out!
I jumped at the chance to get dressed as a woman,.

She looked into her draw and came out with a pair of stocking’s, a g-string and a sexy looking bra.. I took my clothes off, standing naked in front of pru for the first time, my cock rose to the occasion. Pru just stood and looked at my cock, mouth open. I slipped on the tiny g-string, my cock bulging out. I slid into the stockings, the feel on my skin nearly making me cum. Pru helped me on with the bra. I was starting to feel like a woman. A chose a black mini dress and high heels to finish the outfit, a bit of make up and I was dressed to kill. Pru took off her robe revealing for the first time to me a pair of lovely purt tits and a shaven pussy, she got herself dressed as my cock tried to f***e it’s self out of my dress.

We hit the pubs, drinking cocktail after cocktail. The sexual attraction was flowing between us. We caught the eye of 2 big black men. Pru suggested we should tease them. We started making out playfully. I was making sure that my hands were stroking her tits and ass. She said she was getting wet and needed some cock. We called the men over, they arrived with drinks and the flirting started. We suggested that they came back to pru’s flat. They jumped at the chance. We arrived at the entrance hall to the flat and my s….r started making out with one of the men. Not wanting to be found out as a man, I dropped to my knees in front of the other man. I unzipped his fly and pulled out this huge black cock. I began to slowly lick his bell end, I felt it growing in size, I took him into my mouth and began to suck. He tasted divine. He pushed it deeper into the back of my throat and began to face fuck me. I couldn’t get enough. I sucked, he fucked, the cock just sliding in and out of my mouth. I felt a sudden pause, then gush, streams of spunk shot down my throat, I sucked and sucked until was completely empty.

I stood up, licked my lips and told my s….r it was time to go. She was being fucked hard against the wall. Just a sec the man said, as he emptied his balls into my s….r. Off they went and we went into the flat.

My s….r said to me” I didn’t know you had a taste for cock” “neither did I” I replied. ” but the taste of cum has really turned me on. I slipped out of my little black dress and freed my raging cock from the tiny g-string. Pru said ” if you like the taste of cum, I’ve got a fanny full of it”. She hitched up her skirt, pulled her g-string off and lay on her back, legs spread. I knelt down in front of her, the smell of her fanny and his cum, was almost making me cum there and then. I began to lick out my s….r, she moaned and groaned with pleasure, off the feel of my tongue deep in side her.

I bought her to orgasm, her juices flowing over my chin. I stud up, still in my heels, stockings and bra, flipped my s….r over so she was on all fours in front of me on the bed. I grabbed her hips and rubbed my throbbing cock up and down her fanny. “Fuck me, fuck me” she begged. I slid my cock to the opening of her fanny, I entered her slowly as she let out a gasp of delight. I began to pound her, pushing in hard and fast, my balls were banging hard against her. I pulled out and moved my cock towards her arse. I rubbed it round her arse, covering it with her fanny juices. I pushed slowly as her arse opened and welcomed me in. The tightness giving me a pleasure like I never felt before. I pushed it in her arse deep and slowly, I could feel my balls tightening. I fucked her arse deeper and faster and harder, then bang, floods of cum filled my s…..s arse. I pulled out and watched little dribbles of cum run out of my s…..s arse. Yum

Bruce and His friends…

As I left school for the day, the rains came, it was a terrific down pour. The water fell so hard and fast that I ran into the first door way I saw. The building was dark and quiet at first, I sat on the stairs and watched the rain tell it started to blow inwards.
Moving back farther into the building I was startled out of my mind by hands grabbing hold of me. a familiar voice called out ‘…David, David it’s me Bruce stop before you get hurt…’ Scared witless I turned and absent mindlessly embraced him.
Voice began to laugh and I looked at who I was holding, to my surprise it wasn’t Bruce but another young teen that was similar in size. Bruce stood behind him laughing with the rest of them, I tried to push away when Bruce said ‘…too late now bitch, you proved me true…’

Another voice chided ‘…I admit you didn’t lie, you said you knew that bitch and we all was in for some good fucking. Know ll you have to do is provide the fucking…’ Again they all begin to laugh. It was at this time that some one slammed the door.
The guy holding me twisted me around till I faced Bruce, Bruce came closer and halved whispered ‘…these are my friends and I was telling them how much you like being fucked in the ass…and guess what, just as if on cue you bounced your little hot ass in here….’
‘…David you know what happens when you don’t please me, remember what happened the last time we were together. My thirty year old cousin stop us from fucking and bust your ass his self. Now these are my friends and you going to let them fuck you tell they say enough. Or you can put up a fight and still get fucked…your call…’
The guy holding me was already grinding against my buttocks and the other three was rubbing their penis through their jeans. Bruce reached out and stroked my face and said ‘…here I’ll lket you start with me, let him go, he’s gonna drop down and start to suck my dick…’
The guy holding me let go of my arms so suddenly I fell to the floor. They all laughed as some one said ‘..look a there that bitch can’t wait…’ again laughter. Bruce stepped closer pulling his semi hard penis from his jeans. I shook my head, only to have the guy behind me kick me in the back.
As I fell below Bruce knees he said ‘…don’t do that, David’s gonna do just as we say and give up his ass, Ain’t you David…? I had my arms around his knees to keep me from hitting the floor, Bruce took my head in his hands and pushed me back till I was on my knees.
Bruce pulled my head forward as I looked up at him pleadingly with my eyes and he said ‘…suck me and I’ll make sure they treat you right…’ Dejectedly I opened my mouth and started to suck gently on his penis as the four other guys started to strip.
Bruce slowly rotated my head in and small circular motion as I held his penis in my mouth. I could see the other four as they stroked their man hood and begin to harden. Once they all was undressed Bruce pushed me away and said ‘…you better get out of your clothes too, besides you’re all wet…’ They all laughed again.
Two of the guys lifted me to my feet saying ‘…his ass hole may not be wet yet, but when we are through he’ll be running like a dripping faucet…’ again laughter. I started to unbutton my shirt as I looked around for an avenue of escape.
The two guys that helped me off my knees took charge and stripped me of my clothes before I could put up a protest. Once naked I was made to bend over at the waist and open my mnouth and take one penis in my mouth.
Some one behind me spit in my buttcrack and slid his penis up and down my butt crack as the first guy held my head tight in his grip advising me ‘… bite me and you loose your teeth…start sucking my dick bitch…!’
Trying to balance my self, I had to reach out and take hold of his thighs, he moaned and the guy behind me found my tightly closed bung hole and pressed harshly against my outer sphincter muscle ring.
He pulled back and spit again into my buttcrack and this time I heard him spit again, but didn’t feel impact. I guess he spit on his penis, cause this time his head begin to probe deeper into my anus. I tried to cry out around the tube of man meat in my mouth only to have it’s owner push more of his rigid penis into my throat.
Gagging I tried to pull away only to have him hold me tight as he undulated his tool around the entrance to my throat. The guy behind me lunged forth and sunk his head past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. . i tried to scream out in pain and terror only to have my head pulled up to the other guys pelvic. And have him grind deep into my throat till he erupted and shot copious amounts of his sperm into my throat.
Penile head lodged in my bung hole and rigid penis lodged in my throat as I gagged and choked, one penis would go deeper into my anus as it involuntarily relaxed and the other shot sperm into my throat.
They both must too have been coming at the same time for as soon as the penis in my mouth pulled out the one in my anus. I started to stand only to be pushed against the wall as another guy inserted his penis into my now well lubed bung hole.
He called out to no one particular ‘… I’m a rectum raider and I’ll show you how to bust open a ass hole…’ with that he rammed half his huge penis up my bung causing me cry out and try to stand on my tip toes. With on foot he kicked my feet apart and I settled down on his huge rock hard weapon.
The guy kept ramming into me till his entire penile log was lodged deep in my bung and he was bouncing me off the wall. After nearly twenty minutes he cried out ‘…I’m busting this ass hole wide open…’ I felt his tool get harder and sturdier till he slammed hard into me and I felt his penis erupt and a warm substance fill my anal channel.
As he pulled out another guy grabbed my wrist and twisted me around, he pressed me against the wall and held me their with his body as he took hold of my thighs and lifted them up till he had the hollow of my knees in the crook of his elbow.
In fear I looked at him as I felt him guide his penile head to my dripping anal opening. It was then I realized that he was going to enter my bung with me suspended like that. With deft like movement he seated his penile head and lowered me down onto his solid rock hard tool.
I could do nothing but embrace his shoulders and neck to try and keep him from rupturing my bung as his massive head entered my rectum. He chided the other guy saying ‘..all you did was get it wet I’m the original ass pirate and I’m raiding this ass hole…’
As I held on to him he said to me ‘… don’t worry baby I’m down with the brown…nothing I like better than tight boy pussy…when I finish you gonna be begging me to fuck you again and again…’
I held on for dear life as he rammed his thick penis up deeper and deeper into my anal channel. The obscene sounds of the previous cum deposits along with his penis was so embarrassingly that I tried to bury my face into his shoulder.
After twenty or thirty minutes he panted ‘…when I pull out I’m gonna drop you to the floor and I want you to immediately grab my dick and suck it dry…hear me…’ I was fucked silly by now and could only nod agreement to him.
Without another word he drop me to the floor, I quickly reached up and took hold of his penis and begin to suck greedily on to it as he shot his load of spunk into mu mouth. Once he was satisfied he pulled away and slapped me across the face viciously.
The fourth guy came over and snatched my ankle pulling me away from the wall and pushing my ankles over his shoulders he entered me there on the floor. His penis felt much larger than the other three and I cried out in agony as his bulbous head burst past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring as stretched as it was.
My mind was spinning now from agony and sexual excitement as he slammed deeper and deeper into my bung. The three loads of splooge was being f***ed around the enormous anal invader till half his length was in my bung.
With my legs over his shoulders he gripped neck in sort of a chock hold and slammed into me so hard I partially blacked out. When I came to my self I was begging him not to stop. I pleaded with him to fuck me, to make me carry his baby.
I was totally out of my mind as he destroyed my anus. Bruce came over and took hold of my ankles and pulled them farther back till my back was almost bent into a pretzel. I heard Bruce say ‘…bust that pussy open, make him beg, make him beg…’
Bruce and His friends…

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