Military School Adventures 2

Military School Adventures – Chapter 2

My friend, Luke, had implied that I was now part of a discreet club of guys at our academy who were into man on man sex. But, it had been days since that night, and all I got from him when I looked his way was a sly smile before he would turn away. I was really stating to get antsy; how was I supposed to be a part of this club if no one was going to show me the ropes? I was jacking off 2 to 3 times a day reliving that night and I was dieing for the next encounter. I mean I had been in this school for over 3 years and did not know that anything like this was going on.

Then one night as I lay in my bed, a tapping came at the door. I rose up and staring back at me through the door glass was Luke with a big shit eating grin on his face. As soon as he knew I was awake, he turned the knob and came in. He was wearing a pair of white jockeys sporting a solid hard on. He came over to the bed and popped the front of his underwear down and let his dick fly out and hit me in the face. “Want some?” he said with a grin. “Yea”, I replied, “but we need to go somewhere private, we don’t want the O.D. to come by making a bed check and get caught.”

At this point I should explain that O.D. stands for Officer on Duty and in a military school consists of a faculty member. Each faculty member rotates nights on a schedule to be on campus and make unscheduled rounds and checks on the barracks.

Luke got an even bigger grin on his face as he said, “Don’t worry Captain Frank is on duty tonight and he won’t bother us.” “What do you mean, he won’t bother us?” I replied. At this point, Luke realized my apprehension and released his underwear and let his dick flip back in. He then sat on my bed and began to explain. “Captain Frank, if he does come by, would really love to catch us, horny bastard that he is. He would probably stand outside the door and jack off or even better, come in share that beer can cock of his.” “You’ve seen his cock? How, when, where?” I asked in amazement. “Calm down”, Luke said as he lay back on the bed with me and rolled over on his side propping his head on his elbow. At this point I knew I was in for a juicy bit of information about this new club I had entered. He went on to explain, “I think Captain Frank saw Skip and me one night sucking each other off in bed. We thought we couldn’t be seen because we had the blanket propped up, but we heard something at the door. When we jumped up, someone walked quickly away from the door. I jumped up and looked out to see if I could see who was there and just caught the site of a figure headed out the front door. I found out later that Captain Frank was on duty that night and I was just glad he had decided not to burst into the room.” “Is that all? How do you know he wouldn’t decide to bust us just because he let you go that night?” I asked. “Wait, there’s more”, he continued. “A few days later I see Captain Frank walking towards me down the sidewalk and I salute him. He returns the salute but stops me and asks if I would be willing to come by his apartment and help with some typing.” Captain Frank was a bachelor and lived on campus in an apartment building with other bachelor faculty members. “I told him that I would”, Luke continued. “Good, come around 5 this afternoon and we’ll get started” Captain Frank told him. Luke continued, “Well I showed up promptly at 5 and Captain Frank greets me at the door in a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt. He lets me in and shows me the typewriter and the notes he wants typed up. I sat down and got to work and he asked if I wanted something to drink, and I told him yes, a coke would be great. He brought me the bottle and set it down next to me and when I reached for the bottle he leaned in and let his crotch slightly touch my hand. Well I didn’t move my hand right away and he didn’t move back either, so, I decided to stroke my little finger up and down and see what happened. He just looked down at me and grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch and told me he thought we could forgo the typing for now. Man, let me tell you, this guy has a dick. It’s not as long as yours; it’s about 5 inches but, it is the size of a beer can. I could hardly get it in my mouth.”

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Somewhere during the recounting of this tale we had both started stroking each other’s cocks through our underwear and the fronts were both soaked in precum. Suddenly Luke said, “Fuck this, I’ll introduce you to him and you can see for yourself. Right now if you don’t suck my dick I’m going to scream.” With that he leaned in and grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me. I thought the late day stubble on his face was weird but then he slipped his tongue between my lips and I thought I was going to cum right then. As we passionately kissed he pulled my underwear down as far as he could without breaking our lip lock and then hooked his toe in the band and finished the job. I did the same to him and we then slid together to grind our cocks together. It was the hottest thing I had ever felt. My nerves were on end and my cock had a continuous stream of precum pouring out of it. We were both soaked and the way our socks slipped against each other was quickly sending me over the edge.

Luke broke our kiss and flipped around to put us in the 69 position and grabbed my cock and began licking up all of our mutual nectars. I reached out and took a hold of his cock marveling about how it bent to the right so much. “How did it grow that way?” I asked myself. I then leaned in and let the head rub against my lips and coat them. I stuck out my tongue to swirl around the spongy head scooping up as much of the nectar as I could get. The taste of our juices was fantastic; I love the taste of precum, it’s so sweet, I could taste it for hours. Not that I don’t like the taste of cum, mind you; it’s just precum is a delicacy I relish. Luke had begun a steady rhythm of up and down strokes on my cock that had my toes curling. In turn I began to let him slip into my mouth. I felt the heat of his cock all in my mouth as I let my tongue press tightly to the shaft. I went down as far as I could until the head just touched the entrance of my throat. My throat involuntarily convulsed and I jerked back a little. “Watch the teeth, would ya?” Luke whispered. “Sorry”, I replied.

I went back to work on his cock intent on giving him the blowjob of his life. Luke had come off my cock and begun to mouth up and down the sides with his lips and tongue. “Damn man, you got a nice dick!” Luke whispered. I came off for one stroke; “Yours too!” I sputtered just before taking him back into my mouth. Luke had mouthed down to my nuts and had slipped one inside his mouth. He swirled his tongue in and around it sending little jolts of energy through me. “We’re going to have to shave your nuts so I can do a better job next time”, he said. I didn’t respond but, for the first time noticed that his ball sac was hairless. I had been so intent on his cock that I hadn’t even noticed. “How in the hell do you shave your nuts?” I wondered to myself and I continued to suck on his wonderful cock. I decided to return the favor and went down and began tonguing his balls. They were very tight up against him and although I tried, I couldn’t manage to get one into my mouth. So I just tongued and tried to suck on each one while I stroked his cock with my hand.

I knew Luke enjoyed this because he kept moaning around my cock making his mouth vibrate against my overexcited cock. I returned back to his cock and let it slid once again into my mouth. “Enough of the preliminaries”, I said to myself, “You need to cum and fill my mouth!” I began to really suck his cock for all I was worth, making sure that I kept as much friction against him to really get him off. Each time I went down on him, a little more of the head got into the entrance of throat and each time the gag reflex became less and less, until I was letting him knock at the back of my throat. I had seen “Deep Throat” but, “damn she was a freak or something, no one can really do that unless they’re sword swallowers or something”, I thought. About this time Luke grabbed a hold of my ass with his hand and pulled me as deep as he could. I felt my head start to enter his throat and then suddenly, pop, it went right down to the hilt. “Holy Shit!” I sputtered, “That feels fucking fantastic!” He then began to make swallowing movements with his throat and I thought I was going to die of ecstasy. My whole body stiffened; I had never in my life felt anything like this and I knew I was going to have to figure out how to do this to someone else.

I returned to his dick intent on making him cum once and for all. Luke was earnestly working my cock with his mouth and throat. All of a sudden that familiar feeling started at the back of my balls. “Fuck!” I thought, “I’m going cum first.” I needn’t have worried; just as the first of 4 strings of my cum hit his mouth, I felt his dick swell and suddenly he was sending jet after jet of cum into my mouth. We were both lost in our mutual orgasms. I didn’t swallow right away and kept sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, letting the cum coat the entire length. His cum was tangy but tasted good. I started to swallow and cleaned his shaft with my mouth until he softened and I let him plop out. Luke had cleaned me up as well and let me fall from his lips. He flipped around on the bed and pulled my mouth to his. Much to my surprise he pushed my entire load into my mouth. “Swallow it”, he said, “you taste so fucking good.” I let the huge load slide down my throat and Luke leaned in to kiss me again. “Damn!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think I can wait very long before the next time.” “Don’t worry”, Luke replied, “I know the ropes. I haven’t been caught in 3 years; I’m not about to begin now.”

About this time we heard a tapping at the door glass and we both jerked around to look. Fuck, there was Captain Frank grinning at us. He opened the door and let himself in. He had his cock in his hand and it was obvious that he had just cum while he watched us through the window. There was a long string hanging from the end. Luke was right though, his dick was as thick as a can. I didn’t know what to do; my belly was starting to do flips and my brow beaded up with sweat. “Nice show boys”, he said, “Luke, go on back to your bed before the rest of the barracks comes to see where all the noise was coming from. You boys need to be quieter in the future.” Luke jumped up and started pulling on his underwear all the while grinning at Captain Frank and me. “Told you he’d jack off watching us if he came by”, Luke said. Captain Frank walked over to my bed still holding his cock in his hand. He reached and gently grabbed my head and pulled until the string of cum was right over my mouth. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He slowly let the string curl onto my tongue as he lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened really wide and sucked the head into my mouth. I felt more cum escape from his cock as I sucked and greedily went for more. He gently pulled his cock from my lips and put it back in his uniform trousers. As he zipped up, he said, “You boys will have to come over to my apartment soon and help me, if you know what I mean.” “Sure do, Captain Frank”, Luke barked as he threw up his hand in a salute.” Captain Frank swatted him on the ass and said, “Get that cute ass back in bed now Luke.” Yes Sir”, Luke whispered as he slipped out the door.

Captain Frank then turned to me, “I thought you were Mister Dean’s list, straight laced, tight assed, and gun ho. How long has this been going on?” “Just last week”, I replied. “Son of a bitch”, he said, “you boys looked like a couple of porno stars. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that fucking hot in my entire life. You and Luke will be coming over, won’t you?” “Yes sir”, was all I could say. “Good, I’ll let you know when” as he stepped back over to the door and opened it. About half way through the door he turned around as he cocked his hat back on his head. “Son of a bitch”, he muttered as he shook his head. He then walked out and pulled the door shut behind him. I just stared at the closed door for some time before falling back on the bed and throwing my hands up to the side of head. “Son of bitch!”, I said as I grinned up at the ceiling.

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