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First time with the nerd guy from work. Now I’m hooked on his dick.

My name is Tony I just turned 19 years old and still live at home with my parents. Which is not bad if you don’t want to have a life of your own. I had many girlfriends but nothing too serious since I’m not one to be committed. I’m 5’10” tall medium build at 145 lbs and told by many people good looking. I’ve been working almost a year as night stocker at a big retail store. The money is good but the work hours are from 9:00pm to 6:00am really sucks but it’s a job. The time goes by fast though because of the coworkers that make it fun.

About a month ago this guy name Allen got hired and started working as a stocker as well. I knew Allen from high school but was not friends with him. Allen was the geeky nerd in school. Didn’t have too many friends I guess no one really liked him. He is my age really tall about 6.7′ but skinny about 140lbs, lanking and a little goofy looking.

Since him and I went to the same school and now work together he would try to be my friend. He’ll try to be funny at times and tell some jokes but they aren’t funny but kind of come out offensive. After a week of working with him I got use to him and kind of became work friends.

The other night while on lunch break at work I went to the restroom. Allen went in after and used the urinal next to me. For some reason he gave himself a large space between him and the urinal while using it. He turned his head away from me and I happened to glance down while he was peeing and from my view Allen’s dick seems very big. He turned back and I looked up real quick and continue talking to him looking at his face. Allen turned his head the other way again and I moved my eyes back down and took good look. Allen had a very big dick that had to be over seven inches long and it was soft.  He had a set of big balls with light blond pubic hairs.

“Tony!” He called out my name. I snapped out of my it daze as he caught me staring at his dick.

“I’m sorry man” I said and and finished. He looked at me with a confused expression then smile at me as I walked to the sink to wash my hands. I went back to work but the rest of the that night I couldn’t get the image of Allen’s cock out of my mind and how big it was. I have a average size dick that almost seven inches when it’s fully hard. His dick is way bigger soft and uncut. I found myself getting hard just thinking of it.

Later that night Allen comes up to me while we were working.

“Hey man can you give me a ride home today I don’t live too far” he asked.

“Yeah I could do that” I said. We get off work and I took him to his apartment.

“You have your own place” I asked.

“Yes” he said.

“That must be really cool to be living on your own” I said.

“Yeah it’s cool man. Do you smoke” he asked.

“Yes sometimes, why” I asked.

“You wanna hang out and smoke a joint” he asked.

“Alright” I said. We get to his apartment and he unlocks the door

“Come on in” he said. He lived in a small studio apartment, no bedroom, living room, small kitchen and a bathroom. With just a pullout couch still pulled out into a bed, a recliner chair, dresser with a tv on it and a desk with a computer.

“Hey I have some vodka and orange juice. Do you want to drink some” he asked.

“Yeah sure man” I said. He made two large drinks and gave me one.

“That’s a lot” I said and took a drink and it was strong but pretty good.

“Do you want to play some Xbox” He asked.

“Sure” I said. I then sat down in the recliner chair and he sat down on his bed. He lit a joint and we smoked it. We played Xbox for about 45 minutes and I drank the whole drink. I felt very high and buzz. I kept thinking about ealier and how big Allen’s cock was. I then started asking Allen some personal question.

“Hey Allen do you have a girlfriend” I asked.

“No not right now” he answered.

“Really, well do you fuck a lot of girls” I asked.

“Not really” he said.

“Why not” I asked

“I don’t think many girls really like me and I get nervous to talk to them” he said.

“You shouldn’t be scared. A lot of girls may want you if they knew what you have” I said.

“What do you mean” he asked.

“Come on, you know” I said.

“Know what’ he asked while laughing.

“Dude you have a pretty big dick. A lot of women like that” I said.

“You really think so” he asked.

“Hell yeah man” I said. There was a few seconds of silence.

“Why, do you liked it” he asked. I didn’t know how to answer him and since I was high and buzz my mind just made the word come my mouth without thinking.

“Yeah man it’s nice ” I told him. He looked at me and just smiled.

“Hey this game is getting little boring. Do you want to watch some porn ” he asked.

“Some porn” I said.

“Yeah, you ever watch a porn video before” he asked being a little sarcastic.

“I watched a porn videos” I said.

“Well do you want to watch some right now” he asked again.

“Sure why not” I said.

“Really” he said sounding real excited. He pulsed the video game, got up and walked over to the computer which was on the desk on the other side of the pull out bed.

“Hey come over here and sit down” he said and pointed to the side of pull out bed in front of his computer desk. I got up and sat down on the bed which was very low to the floor in front of his computer. He turned on the computer logged on his password.

“It takes a minute to start up. I’m going to get more comfortable and change out of my work clothes” he said.

“Ok” I said. He got up, walked to the tv with the dresser and pulled out some running shorts and a white T shirt. I thought he was going to the bathroom and change but he didn’t. He took off his shoes and socks first, then his shirt and threw it to the side. He then took off his jeans and underwear right in front of me. I didn’t want him to know that I was staring at him so I looked back at the computer.

“Hey is it almost ready” he asked. I looked back at him and he was still naked just about to put on his running shorts. I got a good view of his cock again and just stared at it.

“Yeah I think it’s ready” I said. He pulled his shorts up and put on his shirt, smiled at me then walked back to the computer and sat down to the left side of me. He put on this video of a girl getting fucked by two guy’s.

“What do you think of this video” he asked.

“It’s pretty good” I said. He then change the video to girls giving blowjob to guy’s with big cocks. We watched for about ten minutes when I noticed he was stoking his dick through his running shorts.

“Dude this fucking video is making me hard. How about you” he asked.

“Dude all these guys have big dicks” I said, he just laughed as we continued watching. He continued to stoke his dick then I noticed that his dick was sticking out the left leg side of his shorts.I turned my attention back to the video.

“Man these girls could really suck dick” I said, he laughed again. Then I looked back down at his left leg. His left side of his shorts was pulled up and his big uncut cock was sticking out the leg of his shorts in plain view. I couldn’t stop staring at his dick as he noticed me staring.

“What are you staring at” he asked.

“Dude your dick is sticking out” I said.

“I know, I can’t help it, my dick is so hard and so big right now” he said and we both laughed. We looked back at the video for a good minute. I couldn’t stop thinking of Allen’s big uncut cock.

“Hey do you think your dick is bigger than his” I asked talking about the guy on the video.

“Oh yeah my dick is bigger” he said.

“Really, how big is it” I had to ask. He looked me right in the eye.

“Oh it’s pretty big, you wanna see it” he asked. I pause for a second.

“mmm.. ok” I said. He quickly stood up, turned to his right so his right side of his hip was facing me and pulled his shorts down as his huge dick popped out in front of my face. I just stared at it and couldn’t believe how big it was.

“So what do you think who dick is bigger” he asked. While he was holding it in his hand.

“Dude you are hands down man, damn It’s so fucking big” I said, while staring hard at it and in total shock. I was so amazed how big his dick was. He was moving it up and down in his hand while looking at my expression on my face. He must have noticed that I was getting excited and turned on. Plus he already knew that I liked it.

“You wanna touch it” he asked me while moving his dick with his left hand to the side so his dick was over his right thigh with the tip of the head pointing at me. I stayed there staring at it for for about ten seconds. Then I slowly moved my left hand placed on his big uncut cock.

“Dude it’s really big” I said.

“Hold it with your hand” he said. I wrapped my fingers around it. It was thick and felt heavy in my hand, it was so big. I was holding his cock in the middle with over four inches more of his dick left on both sides of my hand.

“Dude how big is it” I asked.

“It’s over eleven inches long right now” he said.

“That’s fucking huge” I said and he laughed.

“Oh it gets bigger than this” he said.

“Bigger then this how” I asked. Then he placed his hand over my hand and moved it up and down.

“Keep moving your hand up and down like that and it will get bigger” he said. Then he took his hand off my hand. He had me stoking his big cock. I did it for about five minutes as we both continued to watch the porn video of this girl sucking a big dick.

“Man I bet that feels real good” he said as he was standing up in front of me with his head turned left watching the video on the computer screen while I sat down to the right of him on the bed stoking his big cock.

“Yeah it looks really good to” I said and he look back at me.

“Oh you think it looks good” he asked.

“Yeah” I said

“You wanna try it” he asked.

“Try what” I asked.Then he turned his whole body to face me with his big uncut cock now pointing to me.

“You know, try sucking it” he said. I still had his dick in my hand. I didn’t know how to answer him but I just kept stoking his cock. I looked up at him and he had this determine face expression.

“Dude I’m not gay” I said.

“I know me neither” he said as he took a step forward to me with his dick right in my face. He took my hand off his dick and he held his dick with his left hand.

“Just try it, open your mouth you might like it” he said. He knew I that I wanted to, so placed his right hand on the back of my head as he moved his hips forward bringing the tip of his cock to my lips. I didn’t move for what seemed forever but was just seconds. I couldn’t believe that the nerdy guy from high school had his big cock on my lips. The scent from his dick started to flood my nose. It was a light musky smell like his cock and balls sweated all day in his underwears and jeans. This really got me very horny. With all this buzzing through my head I slowly opened my mouth and he slowly pushed his hips forward sending the head of his cock passing my lips into my mouth.

“Oh yeah” Allen said while exhaling out a deep breath and rested his big uncut cock head on my tongue. Then he stroked back on his cock while it was in my mouth which pulled back his foreskin of his uncut cock head. This made the taste of his cock real strong on my tongue. He tasted like mix of sweat, piss and something else at the time I couldn’t recognize but I liked it.

“Hey” he called out to me to look up at him.

“So do you like it” he asked. I looked up at him and answered.

“mum mum” while keeping his dick in my mouth. Then I started moving my tongue left to right under the head of his cock.

“Oh yeah that feels so good, keep doing that” he said. I did this for another minute or so.

“Hey ready for more of my cock” he asked. Then he took his left hand off his dick and put it on the back of my head. With both hands on my head he slowly started pulling my head towards him forcing more of his cock in my mouth. The head of his cock guided down my mouth riding against my tongue. I could feel the veins of his cock as it pass through my lips which were wrap nicely around his dick. He put a good six or more inches in before I coughed a little then pulled it back some.

“Hey just chill dude, breathe through your nose and relax your tounge and throat” he said. I immediately started breathing through my nose. He held my head still and started moving his hips back and forth humping my mouth. The feeling of having his dick move in and out of my mouth was so amazing. He kept this up for a while as he seemed to enjoy it.

“ooh yeah that feels great, ooh you’re doing so good” he said while pulling my head down more on his cock. More of his dick went in my mouth with each hump. I was getting real use to it then he stopped but kept his dick in my mouth.

“Relax your throat” he said while he pulled my head down more. I relax my throat but got scared as he was putting more and more of his cock in my mouth. Is he gonna stop soon? That was answered as he push his hips all the way forward and clamp to the back of my head with both hands. I felt the head of his dick hit the back of my throat and then bent downwards and continue to move down my throat another three more inches or so. I started to panic since I had a big dick down my throat which threw off my breathing.

“Shhhh!….RELAX, RELAX, RELAX… breath through your nose” he told me. I calmed down and started breathing through my nose again. I was able to get control my breathing while leaving his big cock in my throat. As I inhaled I got another hit of his musky smell with my nose up to his pubic area.

“ooh fuck yeah, take all that dick”he said. Then he pulled it almost all the way out but left the head of his cock on my lips. I caught my breath while he held his cock with one hand then with the other hand grabbed my chin and squeezed.

“Open your mouth” he commanded. I did and he pulled his cock all the way out. I looked at his big cock that was full of my spit. His dick did get bigger it was over twelve inches long. Then he rubbed the head on my lips like it was lipstick and was putting on my lips. He rubbed the head of his dick on my nose. I got a wiff of his smell again and this got me wanted his cock even more. Then he put it back in my mouth and in one motion he pushed it all the way down my throat bottoming out and held me on it for a few seconds. I could feel his balls against my chin, my nose was hitting his pubic bone. He then pulled out half way and slammed it back down my throat again.

“SWALLOW THAT COCK” he said. While he grabbed the back of my head with both hands as he continued to slam his cock up and down my throat.

“OOH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! OOH YEAH!!! he said while moaning. Then he picked up the pace and started fucking my mouth faster and rougher slamming each time. I couldn’t believe this situation, that Allen was fucking the heck out my throat with his big cock. I couldn’t believe that I could handle it and enjoying every bit of it.

“Damn dude you can a suck dick. Oh shit,  you wanna taste my cum. I want you to swallow it” he said. I started to feel some sticky stuff come out his dick. I thought he was cumming. Then I tasted the same taste when I first put his cock in my mouth. It was the taste of his precum and a lot was coming out of his cock. The taste was much better than before. It was sweet yet tangy and I loved it. I felt his dick started to get really hard. Then he slammed his dick all the way down my throat again and held my head tight. I could feel the head of his cock get bigger in my throat.

“OOH FUCK YEAH, UUH, UUH, UUH I’M GONNA CUM, OOH, UUH, UUH…” he said while moaning then he started to cum. I felt a blast go down my throat which was followed by his another blast which was even bigger. It felt warm as it slid down my throat. He loosen his grip on my head and started to pull his cock out of my throat when another blast which was even bigger than his second hit the back of my tongue and throat followed by his forth blast. It was really warm, thick and sticky.

“SWALLOW THAT LOAD” he demanded.

I swallowed the loans and wrapped my lips tight around his dick and sucked my cheeks in. As he shot another two back to back as he was pulling his dick out the seventh and eighth blast coated my tongue good. I got a good taste of it which tasted bitter a little sour but sweet. It teasted good and I wanted more. Then he put his hand on my forehead pushing down so I was looking up while pulling out his dick and rested the head on my bottom lip and chin. Then he shot his ninth big blast of cum shot out hitting my nose, top lip and in my mouth. Then his shot his tenth which was another big load that hit my forehead, right eye and nose. He let go of my forehead and put his dick back in my mouth and shot his eleventh blast which was not as big followed by his twelfth and last blast. Damn he had a lot of cum.

“Suck it” he commanded. I wrapped my lips tight around his dick again and sucked his dick. I swallowed all the cum in my mouth and off his cock. His dick started to get soft as he pulled it all the way out.

“Wow! That felt so good” he said as he sat down and lay his back on the bed next to me. I could still feel and taste his cum in my mouth and throat. He popped his upper back up and rested on both his elbow and looked at me.

“Dude have you ever done that before” he asked.

“No man, that’s the first time I’ve done that” I said.

“Really because you’re fucking good at it” he said. I looked him in the face then to his his chest down to his now soft over seven inches long cock that was resting on his right thigh, looking down at his skinny legs to his big feet with long skinny toes and back to his big cock again. Wow I thought I can’t believe I just sucked his dick.

“Can I use your restroom” I asked.

“Yeah sure” he said. I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror. I still had some of his cum on my face. I got my finger and wipped all his cum up then put it in my mouth, suck my finger good, wash my face, rinsed my mouth out and looked at myself in the mirror. What the fuck did I just do. I’m not gay but I just sucked Allen’s big dick and I think liked it. I went back into the living room and he was coming out of the kitchen.

“Hey I’m gonna get going now” I said as he just finished making two more drinks.

“Dude I just made you this, here you go” he said as he handed me one of the drinks. He was still naked with his big uncut cock just hanging there.

“Thanks dude but I get going now” I said as the shame of what I just did started kicking in.

“Come on man just stay a little longer” he begged. I stayed quiet for a second as I looked at the ground really thinking about it.

“Come on it will fun and you could smoke this joint again” he said with a grin on his face as he grabbed his big dick and moved it up and down. I took a big drink of my vodka and orange juice almost drank it all up and put the cup down.

“I really got to go man” I said as I looked at Allen’s face than down to his now hard big cock. Damn what the fuck I want it I was thinking.

“You really have to go” Allen asked.

“Yeah” I said.

“OK then maybe another time” he asked.

“Yeah maybe” I said. He smiled and I left. On the way home I kept getting visions of Allens big cock. I was getting so horny and my dick was so hard. Once I got home I went to my room and stoked my cock thinking of Allen’s big dick until I came then fell asleep.

To be continued………….

My Nerd Friend by LIL Sammie
True Story, Blowjob, Boy / Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay, Teen Male / Teen Male
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The Neighbor’s Son

Straight man finds ecstacy on the other side with neighbor’s son.
“May I help you sir?” The motel clerk was a pleasant looking middle aged woman. She seemed unusually perky considering it was almost midnight.

“I’d like a room for two, please.”

“King or two doubles?” she asked.

I took a quick glance out the glass doors to make sure she couldn’t see my passenger in the car. I deliberately parked just out of view.

“King, please.”

What would she think if she knew that I, a 45 year old happily married man, had an 18 year old boy in the car? And what was I thinking? Did I really believe anything was going to happen tonight with Brandon? Should I change my mind and get the two double beds? I knew that would be the right thing to do but I left it as it was. Hopefully, Brandon wouldn’t mind. I paid with a credit card, took the key card, and walked out to the car.

Brandon was the son of our neighbor, Julie. My wife, Cheryl, and I moved in across the street from them about five years earlier. Brandon’s parents had recently been divorced and his mom got Brandon and the house. She and my wife became good friends over the years. Now Brandon was off to college. His mom wanted to drive him down but it’s an eight hour drive each way and she was in the middle of closing a very important deal at work so, she couldn’t get away. I am self employed and make my own hours, so the wife volunteered me. I didn’t mind, I liked Brandon and enjoyed his company. The plan was to drive up the day before and stay in a motel. That way we could get Brandon moved into his room the next morning and I could get back home in the afternoon.

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The problem was that I had recently found out Brandon was gay. That he was gay was not the problem, that I knew about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it, was. Over the last few years I had been curious about being with another man. I’d never so much as touched another man’s penis or even seen one erect, except in porn, and since finding out about Brandon, I’d been fantasizing about sucking his cock. It had become an obsession. Now that there might be an opportunity, I had no idea how to approach it. I couldn’t exactly just ask him, “can I suck your dick?” What if he freaked out and told his mom. She would have then, most certainly, told my wife. All I could do was take it slow and see what happened.

When I got back to the car, Brandon was half asleep with his head on a pillow leaning against the passenger window.

“I’ve got some bad news. They only have one room left and it has a king sized bed,” I lied. “If you want, we can drive a little further and see if we can find a room with two beds.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said. “We’ve been driving forever and I just want to get to bed.”

We had gotten a late start and hit bad weather and heavy traffic. The eight hour trip turned out to take eleven. I was relieved he didn’t want to look for another motel but nervous about what to do next.

The room was a typical motel room with a king sized bed, TV, and a small desk. The sink and vanity was in an open alcove at the far side of the room with the toilet and shower behind a separate door. I decided to walk across the street to the convenience store to get some beer; liquid courage.

“That sounds good, do you mind if I have one?” Brandon asked.

“You don’t think your mom will mind?” I immediately regretted putting myself in the adult chaperone mode, especially since we hit it off so well on the drive down.

“Nah, she lets me have wine with dinner all the time. Besides, I’m going to college; I think she knows I’m going to have a beer every once in awhile.”

I left to get a six-pack, aware that it might be just what I need to break the ice. Brandon had a runner’s build but only weighed about 120 lbs. One or two beers might be all that was needed to lower his inhibitions.

When I returned, I was disappointed to find that Brandon had changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt. He apparently planned to go to bed fully clothed. We both grabbed a beer and Brandon flipped on the TV. I finished half my beer before announcing I was going to take a shower, stripping down to my boxers before going into the bathroom. I was hoping to see some kind of response from Brandon. He glanced at me and I thought I saw him sneak a peek at my crotch but I couldn’t be sure. It was probably just wishful thinking. I kept myself in good shape but what are the chances an 18-year-old would find a guy my age attractive.

By the time I got into the shower I was horny as hell but I resisted the urge to jack-off. I knew that was probably the only relief I was going to get but I was still holding out hope that something might happen with Brandon. I stepped back into the room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I was able to calm my cock a little but it was still semi-erect and the towel barely concealed it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put on clean boxers in front of Brandon. After all, we were two men and it wouldn’t be that unusual to change in front of him. I dropped my towel to the floor and pulled out a clean pair of boxers from my bag. I was turned to the side, giving Brandon a good view of my cock without being too obvious. I’m average sized, about six inches and not very thick. I don’t know if he was impressed, but Brandon was definitely staring straight at it.

I put on my boxers, grabbed another beer, and crawled under the covers. I noticed that Brandon had grabbed a second beer. He also wanted to take a shower but, to my disappointment, went into the bathroom to get undressed. He grabbed a third beer and took it in with him. The alcohol couldn’t hurt, I thought. I considered ordering some porn but thought that would be too obvious and just watched the news instead.

By the time Brandon got out of the shower I had drifted off and was startled awake. I watched him at the sink brushing his teeth, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Brandon had long, straight dark brown hair that reached just below his collar. His skin was olive, making him appear Mediterranean. He had a muscular back but a small waist. The tight fitting towel showed a tight ass leading to thin but strong legs.

Brandon turned off the light above the sink and walked to the side of the bed. I could just make out the outline of his dick under the towel before he turned the lamp off, leaving only the light from outside, peeking around the curtains.

“How was the shower?” I asked.

“Nice and hot,” he said. “I needed it to warm up, it’s freezing in here.”

“You want me to turn the temperature up on the thermostat?” I offered.

“No, I’ll be fine once I get under the blanket.”

Brandon took off the towel and threw it on the floor. I could barely make out in the dim light that he wasn’t wearing shorts. He got under the covers and lay on his left side with his back to me. That wasn’t a good sign and there was also way too much space between us. I was resigned that Brandon did not share my fantasy. My cock was rock hard and poking straight up creating a tent in the covers. I rolled onto my side facing Brandon and decided to wait for him to fall asleep so I could quietly beat-off in the sheets.

Brandon’s breathing seemed to grow steady after about fifteen minutes. I feigned stretching and reached out touching him with my right hand, letting it rest on the small of his back. If he woke up, I would just pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly, he shifted and mumbled something about being cold again and then scooted backwards so that he was only inches away. I moved my hand to his waist. He was so close, I could feel his body heat. I realized that if I moved forward an inch or two that the head of my hard dick would be touching his butt, but I didn’t dare.

Was he awake? I couldn’t tell by his breathing but he was laying perfectly still. Under the guise of being asleep, I let my right hand drift to his stomach. If he stirred I would just roll over and he would assume it was done unintentionally. I slowly moved my fingers feeling his thin stomach hairs on his tight abs. Then I felt his hand on mine. I froze, still unsure if he was asleep. After being frozen with his hand on mine for a minute, I felt Brandon’s hand pushing mine downward to his groin, down past his soft pubic hair to his fully erect cock. I lightly put my fingers around it. I gripped it slowly, still unsure if he was awake or possibly dreaming. I moved my fingers up his shaft and felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Then slowly moved my hand back down and slowly massaged his nearly hairless balls.

Brandon grabbed my hand and wrapped it tight around his shaft and slowly directed it up and down. I took the hint and slowly started jacking him. He moaned lightly and I knew he had to be awake. I moved closer until my dick was pushing against the crack of his ass and continued stroking his shaft. Brandon rolled over to his back and threw the covers off, allowing me better access to his body. I could see the shadow of his dick, hard and slightly curved upwards towards his chest. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste him. I moved up on my left elbow and grabbed him with my free hand, guiding his crowned staff to my mouth. I licked the head, tasting his pre-cum, then slid my tongue slowly up and down the shaft, bathing him in my saliva. Then I took him until my mouth. His shaft felt like silk wrapped around hard wood. It was thin enough for me to easily get into my mouth. I slowly took him deeper and deeper until I felt the head at the back of my throat. My nose was pressed against his pubes and I realized I had him completely in my mouth. I was proud that I wasn’t gagging at all. It was hard to believe how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth.

Slowly, I bobbed my head up and down, gliding my lips and tongue along his shaft. I could tell it was having the desired effect on Brandon as his breathing got heavier. I alternated between sucking and licking as I massaged his balls. Brandon lifted his pelvis to meet my mouth as he held my head. My own erection was harder than ever as I came to the realization that I was a cock sucker. Gay, straight, or bisexual, I was actually sucking a cock.

I felt his manhood pulsate just as Brandon warned that he was cumming, releasing his grip on my head so I could pull away. But I couldn’t, I had to have his sperm in my mouth. Brandon grunted and moaned and I felt his body spasm as he came. The first spurt came as I had him deep in my mouth, splashing against the back of my throat. I adjusted so the head was just inside my lips allowing the second and third spurts to shoot across my tongue.

Brandon reached over and flipped on the lamp as I continued to lick and suck on his penis, doing my best to clean-up every last drop of cum. Then Brandon opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He must have placed it there anticipating, or at least hoping, that something might happen between us.

“I want you to fuck me Steve,” he whispered.

“Okay,” was all I could say.

Brandon squeezed some lube on his hand and then spread it over my erect penis. Then he handed me the tube and rolled onto his stomach. I knew what to do. I spread his ass cheeks and squirted a little directly on his love hole. I rubbed it in, using my fingers, slipping one and then two fingers inside.

He raised his butt slightly and spread his knees, signaling that he was ready. I pressed my cock head against his rosebud and pushed forward. With a little effort the head slipped in. I took it slow, pushing in a centimeter at a time, pushing in and then pulling back before pushing in a little deeper. Brandon moaned in pleasure. Soon my cock was buried in his ass. I started pumping rhythmically. It was so tight, I could see why some people preferred anal sex to vaginal.

With my hands on his hips, I pumped harder and harder. Brandon had his face turned to the side and I could see the pleasure he was feeling with every stroke. I reached around to grab his cock and found it hard as stone. The feel of his cock and the look on his face only heightened my arousal. Soon, my primitive side was taking over; my sole purpose in life was to cum deep in his ass. By then, Brandon had pushed my hand away and was jacking himself off. My orgasm swept through me and I shot load after load deep inside Brandon. I couldn’t remember the last time I came so hard and so much.

Brandon came in turn and buckled beneath me. I collapsed on top of him and kissed his neck. As my dick softened I rolled onto my side and Brandon did the same. We fell asleep spooning with my hand resting on his now flaccid dick.

I woke up early and decided to take another shower. As the hot water flowed down my body I thought about what had happened. Had Brandon liked and wanted it as much as I had, or did the alcohol make him give in. He had at least three beers, maybe four. He had to have been at least a little drunk. I dreaded the thought that last night was a one time occurrence, or worse, that he would think I took advantage of him.

I was startled when the shower curtains opened. Brandon stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Then he dropped to his knees and gave me a slow passionate blowjob, one like I had never had before. I came in his mouth and Brandon swallowed every drop.

We washed each other rubbing soap over every inch of our bodies. When we were done I picked up Brandon and carried him to the bed, still soaking wet. I threw him on the bed and devoured his cock. I couldn’t get enough of it, sucking and licking his rod and his balls, tasting every inch. Like a starving man eating his last piece of bread, I savored his cock knowing that it might be a long, long time before I would have it again.

Brandon came all too soon and I knew we had to get going. We had breakfast at a restaurant next to the motel and then made the twenty minute drive to campus. We talked about college, Brandon’s future, the weather, and anything but what had happened. After we carried all of his things to his dorm, Brandon walked me back to my car. He gave me a long, tight hug. I felt my cock getting aroused and wondered if people nearby could tell that we were lovers. I realized I was being paranoid, anyone watching would just assume that we were father and son saying goodbye.

About a week later, Julie was visiting and I asked about Brandon.

“It’s funny,” she said. “when he left, he made it clear he wasn’t going to be coming home often, maybe not even for Thanksgiving. Now he wants to come home for Columbus Day weekend. I think he misses his momma.”

Somehow I knew, Mom was not who he was missing.

Young Daddie With A Secret

I go swimming 3 times a week and apart from the occasional “eye-food”, there’s not much to get excited about but on this occasion, something quite unexpected happened.
It was early on a Bank Holiday Monday and it was really quiet at the pool. Except that is, for a family of 4 that arrived just when I did; Mom, Dad and two cute boys about 5 or 6 years of age. Mom was alright to look at, I guess, for a woman, but it was easy to see that having two boys in rapid succession had taken its toll on her figure. She was fair-haired and the boys, who I overheard, were called Jack and Harry, took after her with strawberry-blonde hair. But their Dad, or “Daddy”, as the boys kept calling him, now he was something else – in more ways than one!

“Daddy” was in his late 20’s or early 30’s, about 5’ 10” and slim, with jet black, wavy hair and a closely manicured beard, you know, the kind that looks like a three-day 5 o’clock shadow. He had dark brown eyes and a slightly tanned look. He was hot! Swimming was going to be much more fun today.

“Good job I’ve got my goggles!” I thought to myself.

In the communal changing room, I made sure I headed for the same section they did and I whipped my things off as quickly as possible, so that I could get a good look at “Daddy”. What with the kids in tow, there was a lot of noise in the aisle and when I stepped out of my cubicle to head for the lockers, “Daddy” was half-in and half-out of a cubicle with the door open and with his naked back to me, as he was bending down taking off his jeans. What was revealed at that moment was the most delicious rump I have seen in a long while – actually since Alex in the Comet store some months ago (but you’ve already read THAT story, I expect – or have you?)

Anyway, Daddy’s beautifully rounded rear was clad in the sexiest of black nylon boxer trunks and as he stood up and folded his jeans, I was mesmerized by the taught, slim, tanned and surprisingly hairless body that stood barefoot in the aisle before me. He turned and for a moment, there was eye-contact. He looked at me standing there in my trunks, with my kit-bag in my hand. That look lasted uncomfortably long, as I became aware that my own eyes had given the game away by doing that involuntary up-and-down scan that lingers just a little too long in the middle.

Luckily, the boys proved a helpful distraction, laughing and shouting and running about full of energy, eager to get in the pool, while Mom was now partially obstructing my route to the lockers. So I made as if I was just hesitating out of politeness, while Mom cleared a path for me – but even so, I still knew that “Daddy” had me well-and-truly spotted!

Yes, I know – the bit “in the middle”; you want to know all about it!

He wasn’t particularly muscular but he was lean and really fit. His skin was smooth and virtually blemish-free. He also had the makings of a six-pack and his stomach showed no signs of booze or flab. His shiny black boxer trunks added to the picture, their waist-band stretched low across his hips, flattering and outlining every millimeter. Square-cut, across his thighs, they shaped his equipment, which by the way, seemed more than ample for fathering two boys; they also “placed” his package so perfectly that it was as if his trunks were invisible and I could see everything, including his all-too-obviously circumcised cock.

Unfortunately, that moment was over far too quickly, as I was obliged to step past him towards the lockers and then head for the main pool. Meanwhile, Mom, “Daddy” and the two boys came out a short while later and headed for the shallow, kids’ pool nearby. There were only a couple of other swimmers in the main pool this morning and as I swam up and down, doing my lengths, I couldn’t take my mind off those black shiny boxer trunks – and the fucking gorgeous hunk that was wearing them! You wouldn’t believe how jealous I was of his wife, not to say how disappointed I was that he was “a hetero breeder”; although the idea of him fathering those two boys – and more specifically, what had been necessary for him to do so – made him seem even more sexy to me, in a frustratingly unattainable way. It was making me horny.

Suddenly, as I swam back down the pool, I saw him getting out of the kids’ pool and coming over to the main pool. As he padded across the tiled floor, he swept his jet black hair back from his face with his hand and his beautifully developed body seemed to ripple as he walked. In a moment of panic, I lost the rhythm in my stroke, as I realized he was getting into the lane next to me. Before I reached the bar, he had set off in a front crawl in the “fast lane”, next to the one I was in.

The next few minutes were spent in a kind of aquatic gay heaven; I was wearing goggles and every time he passed me in the next lane, I slowed and watched every inch of his body underwater, as he powered along. As the water rushed past him, the bubbles seemed to follow every contour of his body and in my mind, I imagined my fingers following them, running over his skin, down his strong arms, over his rippling body and down the inside of his thighs. As he rolled from side to side, I watched the bulging form of his black trunks; as he approached, the waist-band stretched low across his hairless abdomen, on each side, just revealing the shadowy paths to his groin. The graceful curve of his back dipped at the waist and then rose over the firmly rounded cheeks of his bum, while those trunks were cut low enough to reveal the first hint of his ass-crack. Then I would breathe again!

It didn’t take him long to finish his allotted number of lengths in the fast lane and my heavenly bliss paused, as he climbed out of the pool and returned to his family in the other pool. I figured that was the end of today’s “entertainment package” and I was in need of a pee, so after a discrete pause, I got out and went to the gents toilets. It was still really quiet; just one woman swimming in the main pool and him and his family in the kids’ pool.

While I was standing at the urinal, I heard the tell-tale sound of wet feet on the tiled floor, as someone came in behind me. There were only 3 stalls and I was in the middle one, so he had to stand next to me. It was “Daddy”. My heart suddenly thumped in my chest, as a chill ran down my back – what to do?

Now, the thing is, unlike with some guys, swimming normally makes me shrivel-up in my nether regions but today I was really horny and what with all the voyeuristic excitement earlier, I was actually sporting a modest semi-erection as I stood there, frozen to the spot. But I can never pee when someone stands so close; the tap was suddenly turned off and now I was embarrassed. I stared straight ahead at the wall (as you do), trying desperately to continue my pee and failing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him casually pull his trunks forward with one hand and produce his cock with the other. But he didn’t start peeing either; he just stood there. I couldn’t resist; I looked down. What I saw just made me stare.

He was sporting a smooth, circumcised, semi-erect, 8-inch piece of meat and he was gently stroking it in his hand, the one farthest away from me, so that I had a clear view of what he was doing. As I watched, his tool was becoming harder and straighter. In the meantime, my own cock had burst into life and I was suddenly not so ashamed, although by this time, my heart was going like the clappers and I was coming over hot and cold, all at the same time! Slowly, I raised my head and looked up to his face, to discover him looking directly into my eyes, those deep, dark brown eyes that had rumbled me earlier, now drawing me helplessly into them, like black holes in space. God, he was good looking!

Much to my surprise, as we both stood there, he looked quickly over his shoulder to check that the coast was clear and then gestured towards the nearest toilet cubicle. Meanwhile, I could hear the kids laughing and shouting playfully in the distance. To be honest, I was a bit shocked. Dare I? Mind you, I figured we’d have to be quick and I was hoping I had read the signals correctly and understood what he wanted.

True enough, once inside the cubicle, he pulled his trunks down and put his hands on my shoulders, indicating that he wanted the quick relief of a blow-job. Me, well I couldn’t believe my luck but I was going to revel in this – and I was going to show him that gay guys know best how to give a guy a good blow-job!

Kneeling in front of him, I first steadied myself by putting both my hands on the cheeks of his exposed buttocks. His skin felt like velvet to the touch but his flesh was firm and muscular. Droplets of chlorinated water still trickled down the soft surface of his olive-skinned six-pack before me, into the jet-black bush of pubic hair surrounding the base of his tool, which he still held proudly in one hand, clearly directing me to take it in my mouth. But I was going to tease him a little first. And besides, I wanted to enjoy this the best I could! Meanwhile, in the background, we could both hear the kids shouting and laughing in the pool outside.

What struck me as fascinating was the fact that his pubic hair did not extend around his balls, which instead hung tightly beneath his cock, gently twitching and rolling in a hairless, dark-pink, soft-skinned sack. Was it possible that “Daddy” actually shaved his pubic hair? As I stroked and squeezed the soft flesh of his firm, smooth buttocks, I nuzzled my face into his groin and inhaled the mixture of chlorine, musk and sweat, as my nose explored the thick nest of hair around the base of his tool and my tongue began licking those soft, exposed balls. As I did this, I felt him inhale deeply and the grip of his hand on my shoulder softened slightly. He was enjoying it.

But I hadn’t much time to waste enjoying this too much. He was still holding his cock in one hand, as his other hand now shifted to my head and pulled at my hair, indicating his urgency. His swollen penis throbbed in front of me, the dark pinkness of its head in marked contrast to its olive-skinned shaft, now firm and hard. I took the head between my lips and ran my tongue softly around the sensitive glans, as I heard him first inhale deeply and then let out a soft groan of pleasure.

My mouth sank slowly lower over the shaft of his 8-inch meat, as I too inhaled his body scents, his strong masculine pheromones filling my nostrils. It had been a while since I had “deep-throated” a guy and I was frankly, a little out of practice but I was determined to do it. His cock wasn’t too long but it was quite thick and he was now getting eager, pushing gently into my throat, as I sucked and slurped willingly, my tongue circling his shaft, flicking back and forth along the sensitive underside of his tool.

As I grasped his soft but muscular buttocks, I ran my fingers into the crack of his bum and found it, just like his balls, hairless and smooth. He shaved here too! I spread my fingers and pulled is cheeks apart, teasing my longest fingers into that holiest of sweet spots for a man, his anus. He let out a moan and, still with his tumescent tool down my throat, I managed to look up at his face way above me, his eyes now tightly closed and his head thrown back to the ceiling. As I tickled and played around his bum-hole with my finger, I saw his mouth open and felt him let out a stifled gasp of pleasure. Thinking quickly, I brought one hand round to my mouth, which was now dribbling juices down my chin by this point, and I moistened my fingers with slippery spittle, then returned the hand to its clutching-point on the inside of his right buttock and gently inserted my finger into his tightly-closed hole.

This was entirely new to him; he wasn’t used to this, that’s for sure! He gave a stifled squeal, as my finger disappeared inside his hole and pushed deeper. I shifted slightly to one side, still cock-in-mouth, so that I could bring my other hand around to the front, to clutch and tickle at his testicles, now soaked in a mixture of my spittle and his own sweat, while the finger of my left hand pushed ever deeper into his “inner sanctum”.

“Oh fuck!” I heard him whisper, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” he urged, his two hands now clasped about my head, as I now sank lower over his shaft and finally reached “home base”, with my nose buried once again in the jet-black bush of his groin.

With my right hand clutching his ball-sack, now hard and tight against his groin, my fingers extended underneath and felt his perineum throbbing in muscular rhythm to the throbs of pleasure in his swollen tool in my mouth. Meanwhile, the longest finger of my left hand was now pushing deep inside his anus, at last locating that tell-tale hardness of his prostate gland. Twisting my hand around, I was able to gently rub and press it, as I felt his body tense in my hands and he moved into the final phase of his ecstasy.
“Oh God!” he whispered again, hoarsely, “I’m gonna cum!” he almost weeped in pleasure. He needn’t have told me; I could tell! The heat was coming off his body like a radiator and he was shaking, as he removed his hands from my head and steadied himself against the walls of the toilet cubicle. His cock was still buried deep in my throat as he began thrusting into me, my other hand stimulating his prostate in a way he had clearly never felt before. He was gritting his teeth now and breathing heavily, as I applied the last gentle movement necessary to the underside of his hard, swollen penis head in my throat and I felt the tell-tale throbbing from his perineum muscles, as the finger of my left hand felt the first wave of man-fluid erupt from his prostate on its path toward the outside world.

The “traveling-time” for semen usually seems instantaneous when we are in the grip of orgasm but with my finger on his prostate, my other hand clutching his balls and feeling his perineum, and his engorged organ rammed into my throat, it was as if the whole process went into slow-motion. The throbbing inside his anus began a split-second before I felt the first wave of fluid passing his perineum into his cock, followed by throbbing wave after wave of man-juice, as it surged up his shaft. Shuddering in my hands and nearly weeping in ecstasy, I felt his jets of cum, firing into my throat, as I nearly gagged, my own eyes watering and my nose running. Wave after wave of “Daddy’s” man-juice erupted into my throat, until I eventually had to pull back to catch my breath. Swallowing every drop, I’m proud to say that none saw the light of day!

At last, I let go my hold of him and I watched his face wince, as I allowed his own body to gently push my finger from its secret home. He exhaled sharply as my finger finally emerged and he whispered,

“Fuck me, that was good!”

I couldn’t help smirking slightly; I was quite pleased with myself and I was almost going to ask if he meant his remark literally! But I didn’t get the chance. Quick as a shot, he had his shiny black nylon swim shorts back up and over the evidence of his now subsiding manhood, as he unlocked the door and peeped-out to check that the coast was clear. Before I knew it, he was padding off across the wet tiled floor, back to his wife and kids, still frolicking in the pool outside, completely unaware of “Daddy’s” little secret!