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Dreams come true part 2

This is the part 2 of “Dreams come true”. It’s a true story of me and my friend a few years back when we were both 14 years old. The events take place in our summer vacation.
I woke up the next day spooned behind him. The feeling running through me was unlike anything I‘d ever felt; everything was perfect. The boy I had been so deeply in love with for so many years actually loved me back. Plus it was summer, which basically meant this was only one of many nights we could spend together, and it had just started – it was the beginning of a fairy tale.

It was sunny and warm outside, so I was getting pretty warm under the covers. I looked over at the digital watch on his nightstand. 13:30 pm. A rush of concern ran through my body. What if his parents walked in on us? After all, we were lying snuggled up against each other in a normal sized bed – naked. But then, to my relief, I remembered his parents were out of town for the weekend.

So I felt my pulse slowing down towards normal and I closed my eyes. I moved a bit closer to him, smelling his hair. My dick was touching his incredibly smooth butt. As much as I‘d just like to lay there and save the moment, I felt my dick start to rise, pressing even harder against him. He moved slightly in his sleep, making the cutest moaning sounds you could ever imagine.

He entered the waking world with a twitch. I whispered in his ear;
“Hey beautiful“.
“You perv, how long you been watching me sleep?“ he asked with a grin.
“Long enough.“ I replied, a little embarrassed for watching him sleep.
“Well, I‘m glad it‘s you. Let‘s go downstairs and grab something to eat, I‘m starved.“ he exclaimed.

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I gave out a faint laugh and backed away from him in order to get out of bed. As I bent over to pick up my boxers, he stopped me saying “what you need those for? My parents are out of town, remember? We‘ve got the house for ourselves.“ he said leaning over and kissing me. This was the first time I got a chance to observe his naked body properly. God was he hot. His dick was probably about the same size as mine, about 2“ soft. Neither of us was circumcised.

We headed down the stairs to the kitchen and closed the curtains. The sun easily penetrated the curtains and lit up the room. Even with them open, there wouldn‘t have been any good visual for the neighbours to see any part of the house. It was pretty far outside the city and surrounded by trees at different places.

He walked over to one of the kitchen drawers and took out some bread. I simply stood behind him, observing his unimaginably sexy body. I felt dirty, standing there. The fact that my cock was closing up to it‘s maximum length didn’t help. He turned around only to watch me stand there, practically drooling. He opened his mouth and to my excitement the words that came out were; “God you‘re hot. Umm, would you mind waiting a bit with the breakfast?“ he said it with a dirty smile, which I recognized from last night.
“Not at all.“ was my immediate answer.

I walked towards him and started attacking his mouth with mine, passionately. I groped him all over his body, feeling his lower back and hips, paying extra attention to his butt. I pressed my rigid dick against his. I loved the feeling of the warmth and hardness of his dick pressed against me. After a few minutes I broke the kiss. For a couple of seconds he stared at me with a hint of confusion in his eyes, I responded with a smile, kissing his neck and working myself downwards. I stopped at his nipple and sucked at it carefully. The scent of uncertainty and inexperience was put to rest when I heard the lustful moaning I had longed for since yesterday. I moved further down and let my tongue glide over his fourteen year old abdomen down to his perfectly shaped dick. I remembered that I still hadn‘t paid much attention to his dick, and I was really looking forward to do so.

I decided to make it worth his while, and started licking his inner thigh, slowly moving upwards. As the tip of my tongue made contact with his loose scrotum I heard his breathing getting shallower. I licked his balls slowly and took them into my mouth in turns and cherishingly sucked on them. I ran my tongue up the length of his cock and tasted the small amount of precum on the tip of his head. It tasted a mixture of salt and sweet, I loved it. I nibbled playfully on the underside of his head. He flinched slightly and let out a loud moan. A smile spread across my face as I knew I had reached my goal. I took his head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. The smoothness of the head, the warmth and hardness made my precum run down my shaft. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I possible could. The first time I gagged, but after a while of bobbing I got the hang of it. He produced an increasing amount of precum into my mouth.
“Oh yeah, take that cock, suck it, suck it!“ he passionately screamed out. I responded with a moan, I loved it when he talked dirty.

I noticed his balls getting sucked up and I figured he was getting really close. My theory was confirmed seconds later; “I‘m coming, I‘m –“ he screamed. I felt his body tensing up as he pushed his cock to the back of my throat followed by what seemed like an endless amount of squirts. It filled my mouth and I tasted it for a while before swallowing his whole load. The taste was exeedingly erotic.

“God, that was awesome!“ he said breathing heavily.
“Uh-huh“ I replied with my hand on my aching cock. I still hadn‘t cummed.
“I guess I owe you now huh.“ he said with a happy grin on his face.

He locked his eyes on my cock and moved closer. I interrupted him how ever;
“Wait, umm – any chance I could fuck you again?“ I asked with lust glowing from my eyes.

He seemed pleasantly surprised and disappeared out of the kitchen. He returned shortly after with a bottle of lotion in his hands. He threw it to me and got down on the wooden floor. “Let‘s do it doggie“ he said willingly. I got down on my knees behind him and opened the bottle. I smeared some on my dick and pumped a few times with my hand to spread it around. Then I took some on my fingers and smeared it onto his butthole. I started fingering his hairless hole. I started off with one finger but as he got used to it, I added one more finger. I noticed his cock starting to rise again. I wondered how he could have any more left to give.

I removed my fingers and aimed my cockhead at his hole. He gasped as I penetrated his ass. I started pumping my hips slowly. I enjoyed every second of the warm pressure on my dick. I desperately needed to cum so I sped up. My hips slapped against his butt cheeks and my balls against his. Our fucking noises filled the room. It was the best feeling in world. I felt his abs tighten when I pumped inwards. I was getting dangerously close to the point of no return. I was going at full speed now, and he moaned increasingly louder. Only seconds later I came deep inside him. It was the best climax I‘d ever felt. Six or seven squirts of my young cum filled Lyall‘s ass.

We both collapsed on the floor with my dick still inside of him for what felt like hours but were actually closer to minutes. This was only the second day of a summer I knew would be filled with sexy adventures. It was the best feeling ever.

The Neighbor’s Son

Straight man finds ecstacy on the other side with neighbor’s son.
“May I help you sir?” The motel clerk was a pleasant looking middle aged woman. She seemed unusually perky considering it was almost midnight.

“I’d like a room for two, please.”

“King or two doubles?” she asked.

I took a quick glance out the glass doors to make sure she couldn’t see my passenger in the car. I deliberately parked just out of view.

“King, please.”

What would she think if she knew that I, a 45 year old happily married man, had an 18 year old boy in the car? And what was I thinking? Did I really believe anything was going to happen tonight with Brandon? Should I change my mind and get the two double beds? I knew that would be the right thing to do but I left it as it was. Hopefully, Brandon wouldn’t mind. I paid with a credit card, took the key card, and walked out to the car.

Brandon was the son of our neighbor, Julie. My wife, Cheryl, and I moved in across the street from them about five years earlier. Brandon’s parents had recently been divorced and his mom got Brandon and the house. She and my wife became good friends over the years. Now Brandon was off to college. His mom wanted to drive him down but it’s an eight hour drive each way and she was in the middle of closing a very important deal at work so, she couldn’t get away. I am self employed and make my own hours, so the wife volunteered me. I didn’t mind, I liked Brandon and enjoyed his company. The plan was to drive up the day before and stay in a motel. That way we could get Brandon moved into his room the next morning and I could get back home in the afternoon.

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The problem was that I had recently found out Brandon was gay. That he was gay was not the problem, that I knew about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it, was. Over the last few years I had been curious about being with another man. I’d never so much as touched another man’s penis or even seen one erect, except in porn, and since finding out about Brandon, I’d been fantasizing about sucking his cock. It had become an obsession. Now that there might be an opportunity, I had no idea how to approach it. I couldn’t exactly just ask him, “can I suck your dick?” What if he freaked out and told his mom. She would have then, most certainly, told my wife. All I could do was take it slow and see what happened.

When I got back to the car, Brandon was half asleep with his head on a pillow leaning against the passenger window.

“I’ve got some bad news. They only have one room left and it has a king sized bed,” I lied. “If you want, we can drive a little further and see if we can find a room with two beds.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said. “We’ve been driving forever and I just want to get to bed.”

We had gotten a late start and hit bad weather and heavy traffic. The eight hour trip turned out to take eleven. I was relieved he didn’t want to look for another motel but nervous about what to do next.

The room was a typical motel room with a king sized bed, TV, and a small desk. The sink and vanity was in an open alcove at the far side of the room with the toilet and shower behind a separate door. I decided to walk across the street to the convenience store to get some beer; liquid courage.

“That sounds good, do you mind if I have one?” Brandon asked.

“You don’t think your mom will mind?” I immediately regretted putting myself in the adult chaperone mode, especially since we hit it off so well on the drive down.

“Nah, she lets me have wine with dinner all the time. Besides, I’m going to college; I think she knows I’m going to have a beer every once in awhile.”

I left to get a six-pack, aware that it might be just what I need to break the ice. Brandon had a runner’s build but only weighed about 120 lbs. One or two beers might be all that was needed to lower his inhibitions.

When I returned, I was disappointed to find that Brandon had changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt. He apparently planned to go to bed fully clothed. We both grabbed a beer and Brandon flipped on the TV. I finished half my beer before announcing I was going to take a shower, stripping down to my boxers before going into the bathroom. I was hoping to see some kind of response from Brandon. He glanced at me and I thought I saw him sneak a peek at my crotch but I couldn’t be sure. It was probably just wishful thinking. I kept myself in good shape but what are the chances an 18-year-old would find a guy my age attractive.

By the time I got into the shower I was horny as hell but I resisted the urge to jack-off. I knew that was probably the only relief I was going to get but I was still holding out hope that something might happen with Brandon. I stepped back into the room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I was able to calm my cock a little but it was still semi-erect and the towel barely concealed it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and put on clean boxers in front of Brandon. After all, we were two men and it wouldn’t be that unusual to change in front of him. I dropped my towel to the floor and pulled out a clean pair of boxers from my bag. I was turned to the side, giving Brandon a good view of my cock without being too obvious. I’m average sized, about six inches and not very thick. I don’t know if he was impressed, but Brandon was definitely staring straight at it.

I put on my boxers, grabbed another beer, and crawled under the covers. I noticed that Brandon had grabbed a second beer. He also wanted to take a shower but, to my disappointment, went into the bathroom to get undressed. He grabbed a third beer and took it in with him. The alcohol couldn’t hurt, I thought. I considered ordering some porn but thought that would be too obvious and just watched the news instead.

By the time Brandon got out of the shower I had drifted off and was startled awake. I watched him at the sink brushing his teeth, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Brandon had long, straight dark brown hair that reached just below his collar. His skin was olive, making him appear Mediterranean. He had a muscular back but a small waist. The tight fitting towel showed a tight ass leading to thin but strong legs.

Brandon turned off the light above the sink and walked to the side of the bed. I could just make out the outline of his dick under the towel before he turned the lamp off, leaving only the light from outside, peeking around the curtains.

“How was the shower?” I asked.

“Nice and hot,” he said. “I needed it to warm up, it’s freezing in here.”

“You want me to turn the temperature up on the thermostat?” I offered.

“No, I’ll be fine once I get under the blanket.”

Brandon took off the towel and threw it on the floor. I could barely make out in the dim light that he wasn’t wearing shorts. He got under the covers and lay on his left side with his back to me. That wasn’t a good sign and there was also way too much space between us. I was resigned that Brandon did not share my fantasy. My cock was rock hard and poking straight up creating a tent in the covers. I rolled onto my side facing Brandon and decided to wait for him to fall asleep so I could quietly beat-off in the sheets.

Brandon’s breathing seemed to grow steady after about fifteen minutes. I feigned stretching and reached out touching him with my right hand, letting it rest on the small of his back. If he woke up, I would just pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly, he shifted and mumbled something about being cold again and then scooted backwards so that he was only inches away. I moved my hand to his waist. He was so close, I could feel his body heat. I realized that if I moved forward an inch or two that the head of my hard dick would be touching his butt, but I didn’t dare.

Was he awake? I couldn’t tell by his breathing but he was laying perfectly still. Under the guise of being asleep, I let my right hand drift to his stomach. If he stirred I would just roll over and he would assume it was done unintentionally. I slowly moved my fingers feeling his thin stomach hairs on his tight abs. Then I felt his hand on mine. I froze, still unsure if he was asleep. After being frozen with his hand on mine for a minute, I felt Brandon’s hand pushing mine downward to his groin, down past his soft pubic hair to his fully erect cock. I lightly put my fingers around it. I gripped it slowly, still unsure if he was awake or possibly dreaming. I moved my fingers up his shaft and felt a drop of pre-cum on the tip. Then slowly moved my hand back down and slowly massaged his nearly hairless balls.

Brandon grabbed my hand and wrapped it tight around his shaft and slowly directed it up and down. I took the hint and slowly started jacking him. He moaned lightly and I knew he had to be awake. I moved closer until my dick was pushing against the crack of his ass and continued stroking his shaft. Brandon rolled over to his back and threw the covers off, allowing me better access to his body. I could see the shadow of his dick, hard and slightly curved upwards towards his chest. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste him. I moved up on my left elbow and grabbed him with my free hand, guiding his crowned staff to my mouth. I licked the head, tasting his pre-cum, then slid my tongue slowly up and down the shaft, bathing him in my saliva. Then I took him until my mouth. His shaft felt like silk wrapped around hard wood. It was thin enough for me to easily get into my mouth. I slowly took him deeper and deeper until I felt the head at the back of my throat. My nose was pressed against his pubes and I realized I had him completely in my mouth. I was proud that I wasn’t gagging at all. It was hard to believe how natural it felt to have a cock in my mouth.

Slowly, I bobbed my head up and down, gliding my lips and tongue along his shaft. I could tell it was having the desired effect on Brandon as his breathing got heavier. I alternated between sucking and licking as I massaged his balls. Brandon lifted his pelvis to meet my mouth as he held my head. My own erection was harder than ever as I came to the realization that I was a cock sucker. Gay, straight, or bisexual, I was actually sucking a cock.

I felt his manhood pulsate just as Brandon warned that he was cumming, releasing his grip on my head so I could pull away. But I couldn’t, I had to have his sperm in my mouth. Brandon grunted and moaned and I felt his body spasm as he came. The first spurt came as I had him deep in my mouth, splashing against the back of my throat. I adjusted so the head was just inside my lips allowing the second and third spurts to shoot across my tongue.

Brandon reached over and flipped on the lamp as I continued to lick and suck on his penis, doing my best to clean-up every last drop of cum. Then Brandon opened the drawer to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He must have placed it there anticipating, or at least hoping, that something might happen between us.

“I want you to fuck me Steve,” he whispered.

“Okay,” was all I could say.

Brandon squeezed some lube on his hand and then spread it over my erect penis. Then he handed me the tube and rolled onto his stomach. I knew what to do. I spread his ass cheeks and squirted a little directly on his love hole. I rubbed it in, using my fingers, slipping one and then two fingers inside.

He raised his butt slightly and spread his knees, signaling that he was ready. I pressed my cock head against his rosebud and pushed forward. With a little effort the head slipped in. I took it slow, pushing in a centimeter at a time, pushing in and then pulling back before pushing in a little deeper. Brandon moaned in pleasure. Soon my cock was buried in his ass. I started pumping rhythmically. It was so tight, I could see why some people preferred anal sex to vaginal.

With my hands on his hips, I pumped harder and harder. Brandon had his face turned to the side and I could see the pleasure he was feeling with every stroke. I reached around to grab his cock and found it hard as stone. The feel of his cock and the look on his face only heightened my arousal. Soon, my primitive side was taking over; my sole purpose in life was to cum deep in his ass. By then, Brandon had pushed my hand away and was jacking himself off. My orgasm swept through me and I shot load after load deep inside Brandon. I couldn’t remember the last time I came so hard and so much.

Brandon came in turn and buckled beneath me. I collapsed on top of him and kissed his neck. As my dick softened I rolled onto my side and Brandon did the same. We fell asleep spooning with my hand resting on his now flaccid dick.

I woke up early and decided to take another shower. As the hot water flowed down my body I thought about what had happened. Had Brandon liked and wanted it as much as I had, or did the alcohol make him give in. He had at least three beers, maybe four. He had to have been at least a little drunk. I dreaded the thought that last night was a one time occurrence, or worse, that he would think I took advantage of him.

I was startled when the shower curtains opened. Brandon stepped into the shower and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. Then he dropped to his knees and gave me a slow passionate blowjob, one like I had never had before. I came in his mouth and Brandon swallowed every drop.

We washed each other rubbing soap over every inch of our bodies. When we were done I picked up Brandon and carried him to the bed, still soaking wet. I threw him on the bed and devoured his cock. I couldn’t get enough of it, sucking and licking his rod and his balls, tasting every inch. Like a starving man eating his last piece of bread, I savored his cock knowing that it might be a long, long time before I would have it again.

Brandon came all too soon and I knew we had to get going. We had breakfast at a restaurant next to the motel and then made the twenty minute drive to campus. We talked about college, Brandon’s future, the weather, and anything but what had happened. After we carried all of his things to his dorm, Brandon walked me back to my car. He gave me a long, tight hug. I felt my cock getting aroused and wondered if people nearby could tell that we were lovers. I realized I was being paranoid, anyone watching would just assume that we were father and son saying goodbye.

About a week later, Julie was visiting and I asked about Brandon.

“It’s funny,” she said. “when he left, he made it clear he wasn’t going to be coming home often, maybe not even for Thanksgiving. Now he wants to come home for Columbus Day weekend. I think he misses his momma.”

Somehow I knew, Mom was not who he was missing.

Chase Young and Alex Green have steamy anal fuck session

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Peeking Pleasure

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Twinks 11 februari 2014


Twinks off the day




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What goes in must cum out!


Adorable <3 :3

Video: Sexy blond twink gets fucked raw by his horny older pal!

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Young blond, Tim Walker, is still very much a kid at heart. So much so that he’d still prefer to be playing with his toy helicopter than pay attention to the needs of handsome stud, Ricky Nielson, in the next room. Don’t worry though, it’s not a situation that continues for very long. First opportunity and Nielson has made his move, pouncing on the youngster like a lion stalking a gazelle.

What’s more, Walker never stands a chance. Before he knows it the tattooed hunk has reached into his jeans and is tugging on the lad’s dick like you wouldn’t believe. Little surprise that Walker is soon returning the favour by chewing on Nielson’s rock-hard meat like a new plaything. If anything, however, it’s Walker’s ass that’s the latest craze on this block, as the older lad rims the boy’s hole before thrusting every inch of his cock deep inside the all-too-eager pucker.

Cue a truly fantastic display of older-on-younger action that’ll have you jerking off like crazy – Walker proving a total slut to his more experienced compatriot, who quite literally fucks the spunk out of the boy for your pleasure. All culminating in a delirious blast of jizz on Nielson’s part, eagerly lapped up by pretty-boy Walker!

Spunk-Inducing Tackles Galore As Two Hot, Horny Studs Score Off The Pitch!

Guys who breathe and live rugby all have one thing in common – they love to come across as “real” men, who would only ever dream of chasing girls and doing “real” men things. But don’t ever be fooled. The reality is that these kind of dudes love nothing better than to spend quality time with their mates, which usually involves supping beer together and sucking dick. And that’s pretty much what Blake Hanson and Jace Tyler engage in during the opening moments of this terrific encounter – unsurprisingly enough, of course, given that these are two extremely hot studs at the peak of their game and this is gay porn!!

What may surprise you, however, is the gusto and enthusiasm that both these lads put into their performance, not least of all Tyler, who deep-throats Hanson’s lovely uncut cock right down to the base without so much as a casual twinge of hesitation. Clearly this is a chap who was born to be a bitch, despite his clearly straight-acting persona – a fact that’s underlined when the fellow finally allows his buddy to nail him up the ass. What’s more, Tyler takes every hard inch that Hanson can muster with breathtaking relish, savouring a succession of varied positions in a bid to secure the keenest ride possible.

Ultimately though all this activity can have but one result, and it comes as no big wonder when Tyler busts his nut. What may surprise, however, is the amount of jizz the horny bastard yields; followed by an almost equally copious spray from Hanson’s dick!

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