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Military School Adventures – Chapter 2

Disclaimer: This story is not intended for inappropriate audiences. If you are too young to be reading this or this story is illegal where you live, then please do not go any farther. This story consists of sex between consenting men and is entirely based on real life occurrences; the names have been changed to protect the guilty. This story is copyrighted and should not be copied or distributed, all rights reserved.

Any feedback would be welcome; I do ask that all criticism be constructive as I will ignore all flames. If you want descriptions of me or Luke at this point, read Chapter 1. If you don’t like stories with a gay theme then please don’t read. That having been said; enjoy the story.

My friend, Luke, had implied that I was now part of a discreet club of guys at our academy who were into man on man sex. But, it had been days since that night, and all I got from him when I looked his way was a sly smile before he would turn away. I was really stating to get antsy; how was I supposed to be a part of this club if no one was going to show me the ropes? I was jacking off 2 to 3 times a day reliving that night and I was dieing for the next encounter. I mean I had been in this school for over 3 years and did not know that anything like this was going on.

Then one night as I lay in my bed, a tapping came at the door. I rose up and staring back at me through the door glass was Luke with a big shit eating grin on his face. As soon as he knew I was awake, he turned the knob and came in. He was wearing a pair of white jockeys sporting a solid hard on. He came over to the bed and popped the front of his underwear down and let his dick fly out and hit me in the face. “Want some?” he said with a grin. “Yea”, I replied, “but we need to go somewhere private, we don’t want the O.D. to come by making a bed check and get caught.”

At this point I should explain that O.D. stands for Officer on Duty and in a military school consists of a faculty member. Each faculty member rotates nights on a schedule to be on campus and make unscheduled rounds and checks on the barracks.

Luke got an even bigger grin on his face as he said, “Don’t worry Captain Frank is on duty tonight and he won’t bother us.” “What do you mean, he won’t bother us?” I replied. At this point, Luke realized my apprehension and released his underwear and let his dick flip back in. He then sat on my bed and began to explain. “Captain Frank, if he does come by, would really love to catch us, horny bastard that he is. He would probably stand outside the door and jack off or even better, come in share that beer can cock of his.” “You’ve seen his cock? How, when, where?” I asked in amazement. “Calm down”, Luke said as he lay back on the bed with me and rolled over on his side propping his head on his elbow. At this point I knew I was in for a juicy bit of information about this new club I had entered. He went on to explain, “I think Captain Frank saw Skip and me one night sucking each other off in bed. We thought we couldn’t be seen because we had the blanket propped up, but we heard something at the door. When we jumped up, someone walked quickly away from the door. I jumped up and looked out to see if I could see who was there and just caught the site of a figure headed out the front door. I found out later that Captain Frank was on duty that night and I was just glad he had decided not to burst into the room.” “Is that all? How do you know he wouldn’t decide to bust us just because he let you go that night?” I asked. “Wait, there’s more”, he continued. “A few days later I see Captain Frank walking towards me down the sidewalk and I salute him. He returns the salute but stops me and asks if I would be willing to come by his apartment and help with some typing.” Captain Frank was a bachelor and lived on campus in an apartment building with other bachelor faculty members. “I told him that I would”, Luke continued. “Good, come around 5 this afternoon and we’ll get started” Captain Frank told him. Luke continued, “Well I showed up promptly at 5 and Captain Frank greets me at the door in a pair of sweat pants and T-shirt. He lets me in and shows me the typewriter and the notes he wants typed up. I sat down and got to work and he asked if I wanted something to drink, and I told him yes, a coke would be great. He brought me the bottle and set it down next to me and when I reached for the bottle he leaned in and let his crotch slightly touch my hand. Well I didn’t move my hand right away and he didn’t move back either, so, I decided to stroke my little finger up and down and see what happened. He just looked down at me and grabbed my hand and pushed it into his crotch and told me he thought we could forgo the typing for now. Man, let me tell you, this guy has a dick. It’s not as long as yours; it’s about 5 inches but, it is the size of a beer can. I could hardly get it in my mouth.”

Somewhere during the recounting of this tale we had both started stroking each other’s cocks through our underwear and the fronts were both soaked in precum. Suddenly Luke said, “Fuck this, I’ll introduce you to him and you can see for yourself. Right now if you don’t suck my dick I’m going to scream.” With that he leaned in and grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me. I thought the late day stubble on his face was weird but then he slipped his tongue between my lips and I thought I was going to cum right then. As we passionately kissed he pulled my underwear down as far as he could without breaking our lip lock and then hooked his toe in the band and finished the job. I did the same to him and we then slid together to grind our cocks together. It was the hottest thing I had ever felt. My nerves were on end and my cock had a continuous stream of precum pouring out of it. We were both soaked and the way our socks slipped against each other was quickly sending me over the edge.

Luke broke our kiss and flipped around to put us in the 69 position and grabbed my cock and began licking up all of our mutual nectars. I reached out and took a hold of his cock marveling about how it bent to the right so much. “How did it grow that way?” I asked myself. I then leaned in and let the head rub against my lips and coat them. I stuck out my tongue to swirl around the spongy head scooping up as much of the nectar as I could get. The taste of our juices was fantastic; I love the taste of precum, it’s so sweet, I could taste it for hours. Not that I don’t like the taste of cum, mind you; it’s just precum is a delicacy I relish. Luke had begun a steady rhythm of up and down strokes on my cock that had my toes curling. In turn I began to let him slip into my mouth. I felt the heat of his cock all in my mouth as I let my tongue press tightly to the shaft. I went down as far as I could until the head just touched the entrance of my throat. My throat involuntarily convulsed and I jerked back a little. “Watch the teeth, would ya?” Luke whispered. “Sorry”, I replied.

I went back to work on his cock intent on giving him the blowjob of his life. Luke had come off my cock and begun to mouth up and down the sides with his lips and tongue. “Damn man, you got a nice dick!” Luke whispered. I came off for one stroke; “Yours too!” I sputtered just before taking him back into my mouth. Luke had mouthed down to my nuts and had slipped one inside his mouth. He swirled his tongue in and around it sending little jolts of energy through me. “We’re going to have to shave your nuts so I can do a better job next time”, he said. I didn’t respond but, for the first time noticed that his ball sac was hairless. I had been so intent on his cock that I hadn’t even noticed. “How in the hell do you shave your nuts?” I wondered to myself and I continued to suck on his wonderful cock. I decided to return the favor and went down and began tonguing his balls. They were very tight up against him and although I tried, I couldn’t manage to get one into my mouth. So I just tongued and tried to suck on each one while I stroked his cock with my hand.

I knew Luke enjoyed this because he kept moaning around my cock making his mouth vibrate against my overexcited cock. I returned back to his cock and let it slid once again into my mouth. “Enough of the preliminaries”, I said to myself, “You need to cum and fill my mouth!” I began to really suck his cock for all I was worth, making sure that I kept as much friction against him to really get him off. Each time I went down on him, a little more of the head got into the entrance of throat and each time the gag reflex became less and less, until I was letting him knock at the back of my throat. I had seen “Deep Throat” but, “damn she was a freak or something, no one can really do that unless they’re sword swallowers or something”, I thought. About this time Luke grabbed a hold of my ass with his hand and pulled me as deep as he could. I felt my head start to enter his throat and then suddenly, pop, it went right down to the hilt. “Holy Shit!” I sputtered, “That feels fucking fantastic!” He then began to make swallowing movements with his throat and I thought I was going to die of ecstasy. My whole body stiffened; I had never in my life felt anything like this and I knew I was going to have to figure out how to do this to someone else.

I returned to his dick intent on making him cum once and for all. Luke was earnestly working my cock with his mouth and throat. All of a sudden that familiar feeling started at the back of my balls. “Fuck!” I thought, “I’m going cum first.” I needn’t have worried; just as the first of 4 strings of my cum hit his mouth, I felt his dick swell and suddenly he was sending jet after jet of cum into my mouth. We were both lost in our mutual orgasms. I didn’t swallow right away and kept sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, letting the cum coat the entire length. His cum was tangy but tasted good. I started to swallow and cleaned his shaft with my mouth until he softened and I let him plop out. Luke had cleaned me up as well and let me fall from his lips. He flipped around on the bed and pulled my mouth to his. Much to my surprise he pushed my entire load into my mouth. “Swallow it”, he said, “you taste so fucking good.” I let the huge load slide down my throat and Luke leaned in to kiss me again. “Damn!” I exclaimed. “I don’t think I can wait very long before the next time.” “Don’t worry”, Luke replied, “I know the ropes. I haven’t been caught in 3 years; I’m not about to begin now.”

About this time we heard a tapping at the door glass and we both jerked around to look. Fuck, there was Captain Frank grinning at us. He opened the door and let himself in. He had his cock in his hand and it was obvious that he had just cum while he watched us through the window. There was a long string hanging from the end. Luke was right though, his dick was as thick as a can. I didn’t know what to do; my belly was starting to do flips and my brow beaded up with sweat. “Nice show boys”, he said, “Luke, go on back to your bed before the rest of the barracks comes to see where all the noise was coming from. You boys need to be quieter in the future.” Luke jumped up and started pulling on his underwear all the while grinning at Captain Frank and me. “Told you he’d jack off watching us if he came by”, Luke said. Captain Frank walked over to my bed still holding his cock in his hand. He reached and gently grabbed my head and pulled until the string of cum was right over my mouth. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He slowly let the string curl onto my tongue as he lowered his cock to my mouth. I opened really wide and sucked the head into my mouth. I felt more cum escape from his cock as I sucked and greedily went for more. He gently pulled his cock from my lips and put it back in his uniform trousers. As he zipped up, he said, “You boys will have to come over to my apartment soon and help me, if you know what I mean.” “Sure do, Captain Frank”, Luke barked as he threw up his hand in a salute.” Captain Frank swatted him on the ass and said, “Get that cute ass back in bed now Luke.” Yes Sir”, Luke whispered as he slipped out the door.

Captain Frank then turned to me, “I thought you were Mister Dean’s list, straight laced, tight assed, and gun ho. How long has this been going on?” “Just last week”, I replied. “Son of a bitch”, he said, “you boys looked like a couple of porno stars. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that fucking hot in my entire life. You and Luke will be coming over, won’t you?” “Yes sir”, was all I could say. “Good, I’ll let you know when” as he stepped back over to the door and opened it. About half way through the door he turned around as he cocked his hat back on his head. “Son of a bitch”, he muttered as he shook his head. He then walked out and pulled the door shut behind him. I just stared at the closed door for some time before falling back on the bed and throwing my hands up to the side of head. “Son of bitch!”, I said as I grinned up at the ceiling.

Moving in with Dad

Mikes parents had split in his early teens, his dad had a job offer in London and his mother refused to move her boys and disrupt their lives. Their marriage had been on the rocks for years and this was the final nail. Mike was now a 22 year man, with his own life. A job offer came up in London, on a 3 month trial basis, instead of moving lock stock and barrel, he agreed to move in with his father. Sean was a stocky man in his mid-50, he made the most of the single life, and he had a small flat and never spent a Friday night alone. In the 3 weeks since he’d moved in he’s not seen the same woman twice, but had to listen through the thin walls as his father pounded and grunted with these women. Sometimes he couldn’t help but get hard listening to the live shows. The other difference between his life at his mums and dads was there were no locks in his father’s flat. It wasn’t uncommon for one to walk in on the other in the shower or bath, but neither seem bothered by the lack of privacy.

Now settled into his new life and work routine, mike logged on to tinder and started swiping. He made contact with a woman called Kate, a fiery redhead. She wasn’t in for the long haul, she wanted short term fun and no commitment. Mike arranged to meet her at his flat on a night his father was on a shift. A bottle of wine and some heavy kissing on the couch, Kate stood up and led him to the bedroom, she pushed him on the bed and did a sexy striptease. Lurking in her pants was a fine fur bush of glowing red head. Mike was going down on her when the front door opened, his father had returned home, a power cut had forced his company to send everyone home. Sean heard the moaning coming from his son’s room, the occupants were completely oblivious to his presence. He looked through his son’s door to see his hairy arse up in the air, his balls and cock dangling. As the session continued Sean would poke his head in. Now Kate was riding his son. He watched as his sons fat cock slip in and out of the sopping hole of his date. Sean readjusted his firm cock in his boxers and went to the fridge. He placed the beer on the counter far too heavy and audibly. Mike jumped to his feet and rushed out of his room. Still at full mast he encountered his father, who just stood, looked and raised his beer as well done. Mike returned to his date and after explaining his dad had come home unexpectedly, Kate shocked Mike. “Does he want to join us? it’s I’ve always wanted two guys at the same time”. Mike was hesitant and Kate pushed him back to the bed, she guided his cock back into her wet hole and rode him hard. What’s his name Mike, as she bit her lips as she ground herself on his manhood. “Sean” mike said hesitantly. “Oh Sean” she called out. NO answer came. Then she called out louder, “SEAN”. A stocky frame appeared in the doorway. ”Oh, Sean, my pussy is all full of cock, but my arse is feeling all empty, do you want to fill it for me” Sean and Mike exchanged confused looks, before Mike nodded and that was all the encouragement Sean needed. Sean dropped his trousers and positioned himself behind Kate. Kate fingered her hole before wrapping her fingers around Sean’s hard cock and guiding him into her tight arsehole. Mike felt his father’s cock slide all the way up his cock as he got deeper into Kates arse through her pussy wall.

Both men moaned loudly as their cocks ground together only separated by a thin skin wall. Mike was struggling to hold on, as Kate orgasmed, her pelvic contractions were too much as he blew his load deep into that red-haired pussy. “Sean, cum in my mouth” Kate asked. M Ike felt his father’s cock slide out of her tight hole and Mike watched as Kate wanked his father’s thick shaft into her mouth. Thick strings of cum shot from his cock onto her waiting tongue. With a wicked smile she licked her lips and said “We need to do this again”. The three made plans to meet up again a few days later.
Kate left the apartment with a kiss for both men. Mike and Sean collapsed on the sofa, both stark naked. “Well that was unexpected” Sean said. Mike was still in state of shock at the events. “Dad” mike said suddenly. “Could you know….?”, “know what?” Sean responded. “You know…feel me….inside her” “Yes Son, I felt that cock swell before it blew in her” They sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Before Sean got up and went to bed.
A few days past and the pair made plans to meet up with Kate again. The big night arrived and as Mike and his Father sat waiting, Mike’s phone beeped. “Sorry, works sucks, gotta stay late. Kxxxx”
Both men were disappointed and began to talk openly about the experience. “I just can’t believe how tight it was with both of us inside” Sean said. “I can’t work out if it was her pussy that felt good, or your cock sliding up and down my shaft” That sentence was meant to stay firmly in Mike’s head” The pair looked at each other in disbelief . “BEER!!” Sean broke the tension jumping up and heading to the fridge. The two men knocked back beers in silence. After an age, Sean said. It DID feel good. Then they should test the theory, only Kate was missing. Sean went into his room and emerged with some lube. Get those trousers down. “Come on…” Sean beckoned “Get him nice and hard”. Mike did as he was told. Both men stood face to face wanking their hardening cocks. Sean emptied some of the lube onto his cock, making it shiny and wet. Mike lay on the sofa. Sean got on his knees. Wrapping his hand around his son’s cock and then slide his cock up his son’s shaft and under his thumb. Father and son were now cock to cock, rubbing together. They moaned as they thrust skin to skin, their balls slapping together every so often. Sean felt his son’s cock expand and watched as a thick stream of cum erupted from his piss hole and over his stomach. This was enough for Sean to cum too. Thick globs of spunk covered his son’s cock and balls, as she slumped back his cock dragged over his sons arse. “So good” Mike muttered.
The two would cross paths regularly in the bathroom over the coming days. Neither felt any shame as they admired each-other’s manhood.
Friday night rolled around and Mike waited eagerly in his room, maybe his father would find another woman for a father son sandwich, but was left disappointed when Sean returned home alone. Sean had felt off his game, since the antics of the last week. He kept getting flash back to his son’s arse in the air as he ate out Kate. Sean’s cock would become instantly hard every time this vision entered his head.
Sean entered his son’s room. “Wanna do the cock thing again?” Mike nodded and began to rub his cock as his father went to retrieve the lube. Sean lubed up his hard cock again and again wrapped his fingers around both hard cocks. They ground their members together, then Sean slide his cock out of his fingers over Mikes balls and was now resting on his son’s virgin rose bud. They locked eyes and Mike pulled his knees up. His father placed both hands on the of his sons legs. Mike with one hand gently stroking his own cock and placed his father’s cock at his arsehole. Sean pushed, his lubed up cock started to split his son’s tight hole. Mike felt like electric and pain as his arsehole opened for his father. Now words were exchanged, but slowly and gently, Sean’s cock entered his son. When now ball deep he pulled back and slide deep again. Both men moaned as their forbidden tryst continued. Sean cock was stretching Mike’s hole to its max, but the pain/pleasure balance was enough that he was happy for his dad to continue. Mike wanked his cock hard and eventually could hold on. HIS shot a load up his belly. Pools in his pubic hair and one in his belly button. Sean watched and continued to pump his Son’s tight hole. Sean turned Mike over and began to fuck him hard from behind. Sean’s fingers dug hard into his son’s hips as his pulled him hard and fast onto his throbbing cock and then. His balls tightened. He pulled out of his son and fired a thick load up his back. Sean squeezed every drop onto Mikes arse and then put it back in for a few more strokes.
This encounter changed their relationship, both men were happy to be there for the others. Both would meet up with women, but two to three nights a week, they began to explore each other and their sessions grew longer and more varied as they both let their defences down and allowed their taboo lust out of the box.

The end

Male teen dreams of his friend’s dad.

It was the very next day after that amazing afternoon I spent with my friend’s Jon’s dad. I had been staying with them for the past few days and in that short time, I experienced a sexual awakening. I had experienced a lot of firsts… first time seeing a grown man’s cock, first time seeing a man masturbate, first time tasting my cum, first time tasting his cum, first time having my virgin ass penetrated, etc.

It had been the best and most exciting few days of my young life.

As I sat in class, it was difficult to think of anything else but sex with him. I even had a constant reminder; my sore little asshole from being finger fucked. Like any teenage boy, I was all hormones, cock and cum, it was all I thought about, but now I had a release. I didn’t think it would ever be a man though, especially a full grown, big, hairy father of a friend.

When my cell buzzed, I didn’t think much of it. I casually glanced at it and when I saw it was from an annoymous number with the title, “Open in private” my curiosity had me running to a private stall in the restroom as soon as I could. When I opened the file, I had to lean against the stall wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.
Jons dad sent me a video of his cock! His big, hanging, thick cock! My first thought was one of excitement right away, “He must be thinking of me too” I thought to myself and a big smile swept across my face. I watched the video over and over. It was shot from in front of him, like a selfie, but it was only of his cock and balls. His big, beautiful manhood swung ever so slightly from side to side as he moved. As surprised as I was to get the video, I think I was even more surprised at how beautiful I found the sight of his cock was! Especially how lustful and desire filled It made me. I found my hand had made its way to my now erect cock and was rubbing it through my jeans. It seemed so natural to became aroused by the sight of his cock, and to pleasure mine, that I almost didn’t noticed what my hand was doing. I was so focused on the image of his dick on my phones screen, it seemed so natural.

I returned to my classes, looking forward to being able to masturbate in private, I knew Jon had practice after school. I didn’t think I would see his dad tonight and as much as I wanted to have sex with him again, it was actually a relief. I was really pretty nervous to see him again. Nervous of the feelings and reactions I found myself having. How could I want cock that much? An hour later, my cell buzzed again. With nervous excitement, I found a quiet spot and watched yet another video from him.
This time, his massive cock was hard as a rock. I watched wide eyed as his fist pumped up and down it. I could not help but imagine myself on my knees in front of it, this would be what it would look like. I could remember the feeling of it in my mouth, the fullness of it. I could remember the taste, the unforgettable taste of his thick, white, sticky cum as it flooded into my mouth and flooded my senses. My nervousness was fading away as cock lust began to take over again.

After school, I raced to Jon’s house, looking forward to being alone. I had an idea, I would send his dad a video clip of my own! Once inside, I stripped out of my clothes, with nervous anticipation, I thought about what to record.
I went into his dads room, where it all started, and layed across his bed. My hands explored my body. My finger tips caressed my sensitive nipples and it made my cock twitch. I ran my hands slowly down my stomach, and as one hand cupped and cradled my ball sack, the other grabbed my erection at the base and slowly squeezed and jerked it unitl a clear drop of sweet pre cum appeared at the tip. “That would make a nice image” and I quickly began to record my pre cum leaking cock. I dabbed a finger tip into the clear, sticky fluid and recorded the string in created, from my cocks head to my finger. I recorded my now tight balls and throbbing cock as my hands explored them. “He likes my ass” I thought. I threw my legs back, up to my chest and recorded my tight little asshole for him. I even ran my finger tip around and over the opening. I got onto all fours, the way he had taken me before and recorded my spread open ass and hanging hard cock. Just the way he would have seen it yesterday.

I thoughts of yesterday filled my mind. Being on all fours again. I thought and feeling of his thick finger pushing deep into me. His big, strong hand, stroking me to orgasm.

I quickly pressed send, then layed on my side. I gripped my hard, leaking cock and squeezed more pre cum out and lubed up my finger. I placed my pre cum soaked finger tip against my sore little hole and pushed it inside, wishing it
was Jon’s dad. My other hand stoked my balls and cock, dreaming it was him stroking me, sucking me. My pleasure built and when my thoughts turned to the image of his big, thick hairy cock, I was sent uncontrollably over the edge. I rolled onto my back and shot a thick stream of cum across and chest and splashing onto my neck and face. My finger still inside my ass, felt the tight pressure as my hole tightened and squeezed down around it with each stream of beautiful white cum. I continued to finger fuck myself as I spread my jizz all over my chest, nipples, stomach and cock. I then brought my cum drenched fingers to my mouth and tasted the intoxicating flavor, spreading the cum across my lips and face. I familiar flavor quickly coated my tongue and I swallowed some, letting it coat my throat.

As I layed there on his bed, covered in my own cum, with the taste and smell of fresh hot jizz filling my every sense. I dreamed of being with him again, hoping me liked my video

The Next Step With John

The Next Step With John

Things have been a bit mixed up for me for a few days. I could not believe what was happening. My whole world was turned upside down. I was 100 precent straight and loved girls. I never even wondered what it would be like to touch a guy or have a guy touch me. Yet here I was loving having my buddy jack me off, and what was even more amazing to me is that I loved jacking him off. I never in my wildest imagination did I think that I would touch another guys cock. But here I was, and I was loving it. I loved how it felt as I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. I loved feeling how hot and hard it was. It make my own cock hard to feel it getting hard and throbbing in my hand. I would start slowly. Moving my hand up the shaft. Then down the shaft. Over and over. My hand would move a bit faster and faster. I was encouraged as I would hear him moan. I loved to rub his precum around the head and lube it up. It would blow my mind when I hear him moan and feel his cock swell in my hand. I knew what was happening. His head would go back and his eyes close, then he would let loose. Cum would fly. It was great. There was no doubt that John was loving what was happening. John would always return the favor. We were having so much fun with each other that we were getting together two or three times week to play. I had a girlfriend, but would spend everyday thinking about the next time that John and I would get together. I was hooked.

One night, about six months later, I was over at his place. It ddin’t take long to start playing. We both knew why we where together and we couldn’t wait to start. I had John strip and lay down on the couch. I start with running my hands over his chest. He had a great body. I loved touching him. My hands moved lower. I looked at John’s face and smiled. I ran my fingers very lightly up the underside of his shaft. John moaned lightly and I felt his cock jump. I then ran my fingers down the top side. John seemed to love it. I used a very light touch. After a short time, I watched his face as I wrapped my fingers around his cock. He moaned again and I could feel it throb like crazy. Slowly I moved my hand up. He moaned again. Then my hand moved down. I worked his cock nice and slow. Soon I could see a drop of precum form on the head. I used my thumb to rub it around. I love to feel his cock all lubed up, nice and hard. Soon John was thrusting his hips upward. I knew that he was enjoying what I was doing.

Each time he thrust upward, I slowed down. I liked keeping him very excited. John was moaning and asking me to make him cum. I told him that I would, but when I was ready. I kept pumping his cock nice and slow. I could feel his body starting to tense up. I jacked his cock faster and harder. John moaned loudly and shouted, “yes”. I felt his balls tighten up. I suddenly stopped. I held his cock tight. I actually squeezed it to keep him from cumming. John thrust his hips up again. I held on tight and let the urge to cum pass. Once John calmed down, I resumed stroking his cock. I can’t even describe the feeling I got from this. I loved keeping him right on the edge. Soon John was begging me to make him cum. He told me that it was torture. I assured John that I would make him feel very good soon. I was so turned on by what I was doing that my own cock was rock hard and dripping precum. I stroked John good and hard. When I could feel his orgasm building again, I decided it was time to let him cum.

I had kept John on the edge for about an hour. I knew that he was ready to bust a nut hard. I could tell that John was more than ready to cum. I loved how John made me feel. The very first time he touched me was electric. As I was stroking his cock, I was thinking about how much I love what we were doing. I wanted to return the favor somehow. I knew that John would love what I was doing. Edging always makes me cum harder. John had edged me before, but never this long. John was going nuts. He was begging me to let him cum. He was moaning so loud. I loved it.

As I said, John was building to a great orgasm. I could feel how horny he was. His cock was throbbing more than I have ever felt it before. I knew he was very close. What happened next surprised even me. John’s cock was ready to explode. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. It all happened so fast. John had no idea that I was going to do that. We had never done anything like that before. We had never even talked about doing it. But John had given me such pleasure over the last few months that I wanted to return the favor. The whole thing was completely impulsive.

John was so ready to cum that when he felt my lips on his cock, he exploded. I took his cock so deep that I gagged a bit on it. Then his cock erupted in my mouth. What a rush. Of course I choked on his cum. He came so hard, that I had no choice but to swallow. I backed off and gulped hard. John kept cumming and shoot his goo all over my face as I tried to breathe. Finally I caught my breath. John was breathing hard too. He looked down at me. I can only imagine what he saw. There I was leaning over his crotch my face near his cock. Cum dripping from my face and dribbling from my mouth.

I lay next to him for a few minutes trying to calm down. John held me tight. He told me that he had never cum so hard in his life. I smiled and told him that I was very glad. I also told him that I was scared of what he thought about me sucking his cock. I told him that I wanted to do sometimg special for him, but this was completely implusive. I asked John if he was upset with me for what I did. John just laughed at me. He told me that he wanted to suck my cock too, but was scared to ask me to let him.

He reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock. He spread my precum all over and started to jack me off. He leaned forward and our lips met. God it was HOT. I had never kissed a guy before, but I was so hot for him that it was great. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and dance with my tongue. I had to break off the kiss so I could breath.

John dropped his head down. The next thing I knew John had my hard cock between his lips. I moaned out loud. WOW did that feel good. John sucked deep and hard. He crawled around to get between my legs. Soon I had my hands on top of his head as he sucked my overheated cock. It didn’t take long. I cried out that I was about to cum. John backed off for a moment. He smiled at me. I thought he was going to tease me like I did him. John sucked my cock as deep as he could. Soon he was gagging on it. I felt him back off a bit. One of his hands wrapped around my shaft that wasn’t in his mouth. John stroked my cock. Soon I could feel my balls start to tighten up. John pumped his hand faster and sucked harder. My cock erupted with such a f***e that I had never felt before. John sucked and gulped.

Soon I was spent. John cuddled up next to me and kissed me again. I could taste my own cum on his lips. I couldn’t get enough. We kissed for what seemed like hours before we fell asl**p.

I never thought I would enjoy a guy so much, but I do. Needless to say, John and I have been sucking each other off ever since that night. If you would have told me a year before that I would suck cock and like it, I would have kicked your ass. Not only do I lick sucking cock, I am hooked on John’s cum. Just about every time I suck him, I have to swallow his sweet cum.

I am so glad that John and I took that next step with John.