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Realistic ejaculating dildo’s

8 Inch Realistic Dual Density Squirting Dildo
This perfectly sized dildo will fill you up in more ways than one! Impale yourself on the thick, but average-length shaft and bottom out on those wrinkled balls. The dual-layered material is soft and lifelike on the outside, but firm and strong on the inside. Every vein and ridge will massage your fuck tunnel as you thrust it in and out. Just fill up the syringe with up to 60ml of Cum Load Unscented Water-Based Semen Lube or your favorite fluid and get to work. When you’re ready to feel the rush of cum, press down the plunger on the syringe and savor the flood!

Loadz dildos are proudly manufactured in the United States of America. This material is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Clean after use with mild soap and water.

8oz Cum Load Unscented Water-Based Semen Lube

You can use it as a lube, and you can use it to fill up your Loadz ejaculationg dildos… this water-based formula looks and feels just like real jizz! It’s so thick and creamy that your mouth will be watering just looking at it. It’s enduring consistency allows you to get rough with vigorous thrusting action, without unwanted friction. There is no unpleasant odor and it cleans up easily when you’ve had your fill! Use it with all materials, including silicone toys and latex condoms.

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Tom of Finland sex toys

Throb hard within the confines of one or more of these erection-enhancing silicone cock rings!
Tom of Finland 3 Piece Silicone Cock Ring Set


Your cock and balls will be extra sensitive when you wrap them in your choice of three Tom of Finland cock rings, designed to bring you maximum pleasure. These firm, but stretchy silicone rings come in three sizes so you can find the one that gives you the perfect amount of pressure. Use them one at a time or see how long that veiny shaft will last when you combine multiple rings! Experience intense sensitivity as you stroke your cock, get sucked off, or fuck your man with your ultra-hard erection!

Each Tom of Finland Pleasure Tool also includes its own exclusive, collectible art print by Tom of Finland. A portion of proceeds benefit the Tom of Finland Foundation, dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting erotic art.

Silicone can be used with water-based or oil-based lubes. Just don’t use it with silicone lube, and it’s built to last. It can take scrubbing with hot water and strong detergents without breaking down.

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Bedtime Flip Fuck

Bedtime Flip Fuck

Studio: 8teenBoy
Release Date: 12/31/19
Starring: Caleb Gray, Keagan Case
Key Words: Bareback, Big Dick, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Brunette, Rimming, Cream Pie, Kissing, Boyfriends

Caleb Gray can’t sleep, and is feelin’ frisky as fuck nuzzled next to boyfriend Keagan Case. Keagan has an early day tomorrow; so, he’s trying to get some sleep, but when one’s boyfriend knows your sweet spot, it’s tough to doze off.

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Caleb works Keagan’s red hot caboose with his talented tongue, and some finger fucking action, causing Case’s cock to rise, which Gray quickly guzzles down. With Keagan up and ready to get down, Caleb shoves his schlong deep down the dude’s cock sucker, delivering a delicious face fuck before he swivels that seat around for a sizzling hot 69 session. After fucking his face in a few positions, Gray gets his giddy-up on. He mounts Keegan’s cock, and takes that thick stick for a hard bouncing, raw ride. These boyfriends share it all, even top twink duties; so, Gray gets behind his boy, and bangs the breaks of that bubbled up backside like a beast! Next, Caleb Cock Slinger mounts the dude, and our famous cock cam catches all the ass slapping action, before he flips his boy, and bangs him out on his back. He goes hard, hammering the lil’ hottie’s horny hole till he fucks the cum right out of him! Keagan shoots far, flooding his tight twink torso nearly to his neck! Gray pulls out and matches the lad’s lengthy shot, then crams his still dripping dong back up Case’s cock hungry hole.

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About Cock Rings | How To Use Cock Rings And Penis Enhancers

Why should all men own a Cock Ring?

  • Get Super Hard Erections
  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Keeps you Harder Longer
  • Used right it can help delay an orgasm so you can fuck longer
  • Intense Feeling
  • Improved Sexual Experience

A cock ring is used to make an erect penis harder, bigger and to keep it that way for a longer amount of time. It won’t help you get hard, but it will help you stay hard. It will also delay orgasm and for some it can heighten orgasm. A cock ring lets blood flow into a soft penis but keeps blood in the penis longer by preventing blood from flowing out of the penis when it’s hard. A cock ring can be used for solo-sex or for sex with partners. It can be used to enhance your erection or to delay orgasm if your partner takes longer than you. For some men they just feel great and they enjoy the stylish look that some cock rings can provide.

Sizing Your Cock Ring

Many cock rings are not adjustable and the right size needs to be chosen for proper fit. A cock ring that is too small will be impossible to put on. A cock ring that is too tight could be very difficult to remove and could cut off circulation in the penis entirely. For this reason you should avoid using substitutes like rubber bands. A cock ring that is too loose won’t do what it’s supposed to do. Adjustable cock rings are easier for beginners since the fit can be adjusted and taking it off is easier too.

You can measure your penis size both when soft and hard. For a cock ring, measure at the base of the penis next to the scrotom. For a cock and ball ring, put the tape measure around the scrotum and the shaft at the base of the shaft next to your body to get accurate sizing. Keep in mind that rubber is more flexible and elastic and will allow a greater range of fit than a metal cock ring. But even rubber cock rings are not one-size-fits-all devices.

Putting On a Cock Ring

To put on a cock ring, the man should not be erect. The cock ring will fit over the shaft at the base of the penis.

For a cock and ball ring, the ring will fit over the shaft and the scrotum. Put the scrotum through the cock ring, one ball at a time. Then, put the penis shaft in head first through the remaining space in the ring. Some guys start with the shaft instead of the balls, when they put on a cock and ball ring.

The ideal fitting cock ring will stay in place when the penis is soft. It won’t ‘fall’ off. It should also be fairly easy to slip off or unsnap when the penis is hard. You can use lube to make it easier to put on and take off.

Cock Ring Cautions

The properly fit cock ring should increase your erection size only slightly. If you notice extreme swelling, pain, or if your genitals feel cold, it’s too tight and you should take it off immediately. A cock ring that is difficult to remove can be helped with the use of lube or ice. A cock ring that is too tight can stop the blood flow entirely. This condition for several hours can cause blood coagulation in the penis – this can be extremely painful and cause permanent damage to your erectile tissue. Doctors call this priapism. For this reason you should not sleep in a cock ring. Men get an average of 5-7 spontaneous erections a night. If you’re asleep you might not be aware of how the cock ring is working. If priapism occure to you or you can’t remove your cock ring, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Emergency rooms see this all the time, so don’t be embarrassed to get medical help.

Types of Cock Rings

Cock rings can be made of metal, rubber, or leather. Some men have difficulty ejaculating, but like the feeling of control and delay that the cock ring gives. They remove the cock ring when they want to ejaculate. For this purpose they use cock rings with snaps or fasteners like our Leather Snap model instead of the fixed size cock rings.

Cock rings feel great and enhance sex, but need to fit properly to do so. Some cock rings provide more than just basic cock ring functions. The Gates of Hell provides for sensation all along the shaft, not just at the base. One of our best sellers is the Teardrop Cock Ring. Not only does it provide all the functions of a regular cock ring, but the teardrop stimulates the prostate by pressing on the perineum (the “Tain’t, it’s the space between that ain’t the anus and it tain’t the balls”

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