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Boyfun: Rooftop and bottoms

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Blond little cutie David Sky is one of the hottest BoyFun twinks and it goes without saying that all the other boys want to play with him. He doesn’t have to do anything to get the attention of a handsome and fit young guy like Max Trey. The boy arrives and finds David sunning himself out on the terrace, all it takes is a grope of his obvious boner in his shorts and the young sun worshiper is inviting him outside for some play. It should be obvious that David absolutely loves to suck dick, within moments he has his friend’s stiff young cock out of his shorts and between his experienced lips. It’s a stunning length of hard young pink dick and David can’t seem to get enough, slurping on the wet tip and taking as much of the shaft as he can while Max fucks his mouth. When the boys head inside things get even more raunchy, up on the table where Max thrusts his shaft into his buddy’s greedy gob. Sexy Max soon discovers that his friend has an equally stunning banana dick to slurp and he wastes no time showing he can give as good as he just received, working his friends pale pink meat with his mouth and tongue while he continues to pump his own in his fist. When the boys take it to the couch we get our first shot of Max bent over with his perfect little twinky ass up in the air, a tempting sight that no boy could possibly refuse. David definitely can’t pass up the chance to fill that rump, focusing his attention on those smooth and pale cheeks and plunging his naked boner between them. Waves of bliss flood through our bottom boy as that naked member eases inside inch by inch, pushing deeper and deeper. David’s full balls bounce and swing while he pumps his shaft in and out of his friend’s perfect hole, thrusting into him from behind, taking his buddy on his side and giving Max a ride on his naked pole. With Max on his back and wanking himself off semen starts to pump from his tip, his moans of pleasure encouraging David on toward his own climax. He gives his buddy a few more pumps of his shaft before pulling out and adding his own hot white cream to the mess, bringing their afternoon tryst to a sticky conclusion.

A Long Bare Cock In His Hole – Chris Tucker & James Stirling

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James loves the feel of a big bulging naked cock inside him, so naturally he couldn’t wait to experience the long and warm shaft of horny Chris thrusting in his hole. The boys are equally greedy, making out on the bed and stripping their clothes off, revealing two smooth and hot bodies and a couple of delicious dicks ready for sucking and licking. With the appetizer getting them drooling for more James offers his snug little twink pucker, soon filled with Chris’ long shaft while he humps in and out. The pile driving is so hot, but when James slides his hole down to ride his friend his cock can’t hold back and thick gooey cum starts to gush! His buddy Chris isn’t far behind, pulling out to jack off and getting his own thick wad pumping.

Johnny Riley drills Travis Berkleys thick ass bareback style

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As Travis Berkley tries to watch tv, he’s distracted by the sounds of his roommate fucking up a storm in the next room over. Unable to block it out…

Handsome Shaun Mann bangs his naughty friend Skylar Blu

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Latinos Cedric and Joel Fuck Bareback

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Creaming his tight bare ass

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Creaming his tight bare ass.

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Studio: Boycrush
Release Date: 12/05/17
Starring:Bryce Christiansen, Avery Jones

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They make a perfect couple, making out in the bedroom and swapping their cocks. Bryce and Avery lick and slurp each other to get those hard young boners dripping precum, then it’s time for Avery to offer his perfect little hole. His ass is so tight as Bryce eases in and fucks his naked hole raw. With plenty of positions to hit that sweet spot Avery can’t stop his cock from pumping hot white cream while his friend eases in and out of his hole, with Bryce decorating his pucker with cream soon after and sliding his wet dick right back into him!

At BoyCrush our models are fresh young men who have just barely turned 18 and love twink porn. They exude their natural personality, and each person brings his unique talents to each video we produce. Our videos are produced in the professional-amateur style. That may sound a bit odd, but let me explain. Our videos are filmed using professional equipment, but with amateur boys. Our young men models are rarely experienced in filming before they come to our website. However, our equipment delivers the highest quality you’ve ever seen in an amateur production. We specialize in delivering videos which show true passion and we strive for realism. Our videos lack any music, and our boys fuck fluidly without stopping for special camera shots.

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Bareback Twink Boy Orgy! – Tyler Thayer Jasper Robinson

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This is the kind of pool party we would all love to go to! When the boys head inside cocks are soon out for jerking and sucking, with smooth butt holes ready to be rammed! Jasper and Tyler become the instant main attractions as the guys gang up and take turns, sucking and slamming hot young ass. Jessie wants in on the fun and gets a fucking from Jasper, but the sight of him being fucked by his friend while Jason owns his hole in a train fuck might just send you over the edge! With cum already spilling we’re left anticipating the next installment from this hardcore party, and there’s certainly a lot more to come too!


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Scene from Benjamin Riley Cum Slut

Benjamin Riley Cum Slut
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Category: Gay – Anal | Bareback | Cumshot | Gay | High Definition | Twink
Description: We never knew Benjamin Riley was such a cum hungry slut! Until we heard Benjamin talking about how much he loved cum inside of him, on his face, swallowing it and then some!
Starring: Benjamin Riley, Bradley Prescott, Colby Klein
Studio: Bare Twinks, Boy Crush


An apple a day helps the cocks cum your way – As the divine yuri adamov discovers! HD

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Scene Title: An apple a day helps the cocks cum your way – As the divine yuri adamov discovers! HD

Category: Staxus

Featuring: Chase Hunt, Yuri Adamov

Scene Lenght: 32 minutes

Release Date: May 15, 2014


Who’d have thought that the gorgeous Yuri Adamov was such a sweet seducer? Armed with nothing more than an apple, he’s more than capable of winning the attention of young Chase Hunt – in a coupling that deliberately harks back to Eve’s seduction of Adam in the opening chapters of the Bible. In that particular instance, of course, the result was a whole load of trouble. In contrast, Hunt’s eager acceptance of Adamov’s come-on leads to a whole load of cock-straining, ball-busting fun! Indeed, it doesn’t take many minutes before both lads are out of their pants and slurping away on all the deliciously hard dick that’s hidden inside.

Hunt, in particular, just can’t get enough of his buddy’s cock – hungrily deep-throating Adamov right to the root without so much as a gag, before eagerly rimming and fingering the cutie’s hot ass. All this, of course, is but a stupendously hot prelude to the even harder action yet to come, as Hunt finally thrusts his own aching ramrod deep inside his pal’s now all-too-welcoming hole.

It marks the start of a wildly furious session of bareback fornication which sees Adamov buggered in a series of positions and which will have you jerking off like a being on heat. Indeed, there’s every good possibility that you’ll have knocked out a satisfying load long before the cute little bottom finally succumbs to the inevitable and empties his nads whilst Hunt continues to ram him from beneath; before Hunt calls it a wrap by squirting out his own over-generous contribution!

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Long-haired skateboard twink Jacob hits on new friend Johnny

Johnny Maxim has always had an interest in skateboarding, but no one around to teach him how to do the moves. Jacob Marteny just moved into town with his family, and has been skateboarding for a few years. He knows some pretty cool stunts and Johnny noticed. But he noticed more than just Jacob’s skating ability, he also likes the way Jacob’s ass looks!The two have become acquainted and now Jacob’s giving Johnny a lesson. Jacob can tell Johnny’s watching more than just the maneuvers. He’s checking out Jacob’s whole, sexy package. When they take a break inside Johnny’s room, Jacob decides to see what he can get for his instructional services. Sure enough, after Jacob tells Johnny he thinks he’s sexy, Johnny goes straight for the goods, unsheathing Jacob’s fat cock and sucking deeply. Jacob loves the feeling of a new boy bobbing on his dick. They switch off so Jacob can devour Johnny’s thick meat for a while. Then Johnny makes a move to take things even further, and Jacob’s happy to go there too. Watch Johnny slide his throbbing erection into Jacob’s sweet hole and slam the sexy, supple boy. Jacob’s long hair bounces as he rides Johnny, going up and down, just like on a half pipe! These cute, sexy Twinks are so hot, they’ll have you hanging out at your local skatepark on the regular! Enjoy!

Uniforms: Pissing off your commanding officer can get you well and truly fucked! HD

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Scene Title: Pissing off your commanding officer can get you well and truly fucked! HD

Category: Uniforms

Featuring: Chris Hollander, Jaxon Radoc, Orlando White

Scene Lenght: 24 minutes

Release Date: April 06, 2014


Life in the army can be very rewarding to those who are inclined to the military life, but get the wrong side of your commanding officer and there’s every good chance that you’re headed for a fall. As Chris Hollander and Jaxon Radoc very quickly discover when their somewhat insolent attitude annoys Orlando White.

Not that White’s punishment – forcing Radoc to get down onto his knees and suck both his and Hollander’s dicks – is ever likely to upset our resident Aussie cock-fiend. In fact, not surprisingly given what we know about the fellow from past performances, the instruction is met with an unmistakable element of glee on Radoc’s part – a sentiment that’s clearly shared by Hollander, who for his part is soon positioning himself over White’s desk and getting energetically spit-roasted! Then, clearly not wishing to be outdone, Radoc gets much the same treatment; before White forces both lads to lay down on their backs over his table so that he can take turns to fuck both their horny little ass-holes.

Chances are, of course, that this is not a true representation of army life – even in the cesspit of morality that is the Czech Republic! – but we very much doubt you’ll be too bothered as you reach for your zipper and slowly work out a load (or more!) in appreciation. No need for zippers here, however; as Hollander dumps the first wad, quickly followed by Radoc. Before White unleashes the contents of his heavy cum-sac, whilst his two subordinates kneel at his feet. Life in khaki has rarely looked so kinky or so fucking desirable as in this cumtastic threeway!


Uniforms: Horny army boy gives and takes plenty of rock hard inches from a grateful civilian! HD

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Scene Title: Horny army boy gives and takes plenty of rock hard inches from a grateful civilian! HD

Category: Uniforms

Featuring: Jason Mike, Yuri Adamov

Scene Lenght: 21 minutes

Release Date: March 31, 2014


It takes a brave man to be a soldier, but it takes a real hero to put his life on the line in order to tackle the threat of an unexploded mine or grenade. So hats off to Jason Mike – a cool-headed officer, who single-mindedly puts the interests of self to one side in the opening moments of this exquisite scene. His reward, of course, is in part the knowledge that he did the right thing; but in this particular instance his heroics also lead to the discovery of Yuri Adamov, a young twink who’s hiding in a disused building nearby and who’s clearly only relieved at meeting his rescuer.

So relieved, in fact, that he’s prepared to do literally anything to demonstrate his gratitude – which probably explains why he’s semi-naked in bed with Mike just a few moments later. Whether this is a professional move on the soldier’s part is a matter for debate, of course, but it’s not uncommon for those who live hard to want to play hard – and, believe us, playing hard is definitely what both these lads do for the ensuing quarter-hour!

Whether it’s greedily feasting on each other’s dicks whilst laid out top-to-tail, or taking it in turns to fuck each other’s hungry little ass-holes, these two cuties are determined to make the very most of their unexpected encounter. No doubt about

Staxus twinks