Software Subscription Agreement

4.4 Prices, prices and types of subscriptions in effect from time to time are available on Vivolead`s website and can be changed within one month. All prices are VAT-free, which applies to the current rate. 15.2 Full agreement: Each party confirms that this agreement defines the whole agreement and existence between the parties and that it replaces all previous agreements, agreements and agreements between them with respect to the purpose of the agreement. Each party confirms that it has not relied on a statement, insurance or agreement that is not an express clause in this Agreement and that it has no remedy for a statement, insurance or communication that is not an explicit term, unless it is made fraudulently. This agreement is a subscription agreement for services that define the terms of the license for the use of TURBOLAW DOCUMENT SOFTWARE and/or TURBOLAW TIME AND BILLING SOFTWARE as defined below. Additional conditions and restrictions on the licensee`s use of the software are included in the end-user`s final license (s) subscription (s) in Promethean Software Corporation (`Promethean`) and are added by reference. It is presumed that this agreement was carried out by a person with the legal capacity to bind the company and its partners, partners, shareholders or members. This agreement may be terminated by the contracting parties in accordance with the conditions provided and automatically extends from month to month, unless otherwise stated. 4.1 Payment terms are net 14 days after the billing date. All users that the VivoLead customer has created in their VivoLead online account and who have “invited,” “created” or “activated” will be charged for a new subscription period. Let`s first look at the difference between an indeterminate license and a subscription license.

b) subscriptions. Unless otherwise stated in a sales order, a) services are purchased as a subscription, b) new subscriptions can be added at the same price as the underlying subscription during a subscription period and evaluated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining portion of the subscription term; (c) all additional subscriptions are terminated on the same day as the underlying subscriptions; and (d) most subscriptions have an automatic renewal clause.

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