Roaming Agreement Negotiation

EDCH will address the client`s candidates for roaming partners and attempt to negotiate a roaming agreement based on customer deviations from the standard roaming contract. After successful negotiations, EDCH will exchange the corresponding documents between the two operators for signature. Finally, EDCH exchanges test SIM cards between operators so they can start testing and launching roaming services. 47. In order to avoid unnecessary delays in negotiations, Industry Canada stated in GL-06 that “a provisional request for technical information is considered complete if it contains at least two of the following values: (1) the site reference number (2) the site`s geographical nest (3) geographic coordinates of the licensee.” GL-06 also provided details on the term “in a timely manner” and indicated that the licensee should provide a response “within two weeks of receiving a full request for interim technical information.” It is proposed to include this text in the conditions of licence. EDCH has a long history in negotiating roaming agreements and uses close links with important contacts in many operators around the world. 4-4: Industry Canada does not propose any changes to the current text of Sections 9.4 or 9.5. Roaming agreements should be proposed at commercial rates that will be billed appropriately with others currently for similar roaming services. 69. Section 6 of CPC-2-0-17 orders licensees to initiate arbitration as follows if they are unable to obtain a tower-sharing or roaming agreement: for each site where the licensee operates an antenna mounted on an antenna structure (the tower), the licensee must provide the tour information listed below to all parties who might be interested in a sharing agreement. , in addition to The Canadian Industry. Licensees must provide all updates monthly. 41.

Based on preliminary data collected in the first phase of the review, Industry Canada found that while agreements have been signed and timelines are generally improving, changes could be made to the framework to speed up the process and increase the success rate and overall effectiveness of the policy.

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